Been outta the scene


Hello everyone.
I've been almost outta the scene completely for like 6 months because my PSP was broken and it's now fixed. My PSP is Phat on 5.00 M33-6 and I wanna play the new games but IDK how.
Like do I need some sort of patches for games like lord of Arcana, Dissidia 012? I wouldn't like to use Prometheus as it corrupts my save games.
If I need to update my CFW, which CFW would you recommend? It's preferably a CFW which will work with the popsloader for 6.XX posted by iamafreak in hacks section and also preferably contains MS speed up access because my memory stick is a "fake" one and it's not fast without that speed up.
Sorry for long post.
Help is appreciated, thanks.
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