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Best ending

After you beat the game and go to the screen where you are chasing after Silas's ship, you can fire missiles by pressing either the A or B buttons. If you manage to blow the ship up you will receive the best ending.
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Level 5 tip

If you are having trouble in level 5 at remembering where the jumps are, always remember that their is always a WARNING sign a few seconds before you have to jump. You have to pay close attention, because these tractors really move!
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Rat tip

If you are beginning to get passed up in the rat race, try to hit him to make the rat go in the opposite direction, then run for your life!
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Level 1 bridge tip

When you get to the bridges on the first level - just before you're about to get on the bridge (right in front of it), hold down and right (diagonal) and keep it held down. This will take you to the other side of the bridge without getting attacked by the psyko pigs or falling into the lava when the bridge disappears. It will also restore your current life line.
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Unlimited lives

On the second level there is a way to rack up on as many free lives as you want. Whenever you fight against a group of those giant wasps, keep hitting them after they are dead and around the fifth hit you will get a free man. This is easiest done with Rash.
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Start with five lives and continues

At the start of the game, simultaneously press Down, A, B and Start. If the code is entered correctly, you'll see a waving flag and the background will flash red. Press Start to begin the game with 5 lives and continues.
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