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final kaoss

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1 AXYT-CA3Y Infinite ammo
2 AX7T-AA7L Infinite lives
3 AMZT-CA4Y Don't take permanent damage from enemy
4 AM0A-CA26 Don't take permanent damage from hitting
most objects (mines, enemies, etc.)
5 ATGA-CA54 Don't lose gun from overheating it
6 AH3T-AAHL Start with 1 life
7 AM3T-AAHL Start with 2 lives
8 AX3T-AAHL Start with 4 lives
9 A13T-AAHL Start with 5 lives
10 A93T-AAHL Start with 7 lives
11 BH3T-AAHL Start with 9 lives
12 AD3T-AAHW Start on mission 2
13 AS3T-AAHW Start on mission 3
14 AM3T-AAHW Start on mission 4
15 AX3T-AAHW Start on mission 5
16 693T-TGHG Max ammo for Machine Gun is 999
17 8X3T-TCHJ Max ammo for Auto Cannon is 500
18 8X3T-TCHL Max ammo for Inferno Missiles is 500
19 8X3T-TCHN Max ammo for Large Laser is 500
20 8X3T-TCHR Max ammo for Thunder Mines is 500
21 9M3T-TAHT Max ammo for PPC is 250
22 8X3T-TCHW Max ammo for Long-Range missiles is 500
23 9M3T-TAHY Max ammo for Arrow Guided Missiles is 250
24 9M3T-TAH0 Max ammo for Gauss Rifle is 250
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