Bases Loaded

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Bases Loaded

00C-63B-19A No walks
00C-66B-F7A 1 ball and you walk
02C-66B-F7A 2 balls and you walk
03C-66B-F7A 3 balls and you walk
04C-66B-F7A 5 balls and you walk
00C-77B-19A Outs aren't counted (baserunners will still be taken out)
003-8F8-E66 Number of outs to retire the side varies
00C-43B-3BA Strikes aren't counted
01C-46B-E66 1 strike and you're out
02C-46B-E66 2 strikes and you're out
05C-46B-E66 5 strikes and you're out
008-1FF-E6E + 008-11F-E6E No scoring--switch off to score
Top1 ball and you walkGaloobGENIE00C-66B-F7A
Top1 strike and you're outGaloobGENIE01C-46B-E66
Top2 balls and you walkGaloobGENIE02C-66B-F7A
Top2 strikes and you're out
Top3 balls and you walkGaloobGENIE03C-66B-F7A
Top5 balls and you walkGaloobGENIE04C-66B-F7A
Top5 strikes and you're outGaloobGENIE05C-46B-E66
TopEverything Thrown Is A Ball, Similar To AboveJagfireGS010046C4
TopEverything You Throw Is A StrikeJagfireGS010146C4The batter almost always misses it too. Remember that pitches that the enemy throws to you will always be a strike too, so disable this code when you're batting.
TopNo scoring (switch off to score)GaloobGENIE008-1FF-E6E
TopNo walksGaloobGENIE00C-63B-19A
TopNumber of outs to retire the side variesGaloobGENIE003-8F8-E66
TopOuts aren't counted [baserunners will still be taken out]GaloobGENIE00C-77B-19A
TopStrikes aren't countedGaloobGENIE00C-43B-3BA
TopThe Pitch Result Displays "Ball" If It's A Ball, As Normal, But "Sballe" If It's A StrikeJagfireGS010249C1
TopWhether The Pitch Is A Strike Or Ball, The Sound Will Always Be As If It Was A BallJagfireGS013E02DDThere's A Sound Effect When A Ball Is Thrown
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