Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn

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  • Cheat mode
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "baldur.ini" file in the game folder. Add the line "Debug Mode=1" under the "[Program Options]" heading. Begin game play and press [Ctrl] + [Space] to display the console window. Type one of the following case-sensitive codes, press [Enter], then press [Ctrl] + [Space] to close the console window and activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code

Set experience points for selected character or group CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("<0-2950000>")
Set available gold CLUAConsole:AddGold("")
Full map CLUAConsole:ExploreArea()
Teleport to indicated location CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("")
Spawn monster CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("")
Spawn item CLUAConsole:CreateItem("")
Enable in-game key cheats CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys()
Spawn multiple item CLUAConsole:CreateItem("",)
  • Hint: Bronze Pantaloons
Go to Abzigal's lair. There will be Sentinels in one room. You will find a wizard in there. Near the wizard are three statues. Use the Stone To Flesh scroll on them, then get them to do the quest.
  • Hint: Coded scrolls
Use the CLUAConsole:CreateItem("scrlaa") and CLUAConsole:CreateItem("scrla9") to get two scrolls with jumbled letters on them. The "scrlaa" scroll reads:

Aqw vjkpm K co etcba, dwv vjga ycpv aqw vq vjkpm vjcv. K mpqy ugegvu. Mggr vjg rcpvcnmmpu. Cnycau mggr vjg rcpvcnmmpu. When decoded, it reads: "You think I am crazy, but they want you to think that. I know secrets. Keep the pantaloons. Always keep the pantaloons."

The "scrla9" scroll reads:
Qc twrxepssrw evi jvii sj aiewipw. Mrjsvq xli Uyiir, wr xlex wli qmklx wlrr xliq esec. Livi ai ks 'vsyrh xli qypfivvc fywl. Ks qsroic KS! When decoded, it reads: "My pantaloons are free of weasels. Inform the Queen, so that she might shoo them away. Here we go 'round the mulberry bush. Go monkey GO!"
  • Hint: Create Fighter/Specialist Mage multi-class character
This trick may not work with the full install option or the expansion set. It may also work with other class combinations that a mage is part of. Use the following steps to create a Fighter/Specialist Mage. Choose to creating a character and select "Human" for the race. For class, choose "Mage" and select the Specialist Mage you wish to become with a multi-class. Once at the screen where you select your first level magic spells, back out and continue backing out until you are down to selecting your gender. Note: Do not select "Start Over". Re-create your character (same gender, and later alignment) with a race of either Half-elf, Elf, or Gnome. At class, choose "Multi-class" and select the multi-class Fighter/Mage (or Fighter/Illusionist). Continue creating your character until you have set your first level spells. If your spells have a requirement (for example, if you want to be a Fighter/Necromancer, you would have Larloch's Minor Drain and/or Chill Touch as required spells), then you know that the trick worked. Finish creating your character. Note: The paper doll drawing may look like a Thief. If you want to be a different Fighter/Specialist Mage, click "Start Over" and begin from step one again with a new Specialist Mage chosen. Not only do Fighter/Specialist Mages start with more spells, their map animations look like Mages instead of Fighters. Also, Gnomes do not have to be Fighter/Illusionists. The Specialist Mage you chose will "overwrite" the "Illusionist" (for example, a Gnome Fighter/Diviner or something else).
  • Hint: Create your own party
Go to the folder where you installed the game. Enter the "saves" folder, copy your favorite game and put it and its folder in the multiplayer saves. Start the game, go to multi-player, and load your game. Make your party, play the game, and save it. Return to the multi-player saves folder and copy the file to your saved games.
  • Hint: Easy experience
If one of your party members is a thief, try to pickpocket another party member. You will fail, but will gain at least 300 experience points.
  • Hint: Elvis painting
Go to the Five Flagons Inn, in the Bridge District. Go to the second floor and look on the left side of the bed that is in the north east part of the floor to find an Elvis painting.
  • Hint: Multiple items for the price of one
Go to any shop. Select a character who has a Gem Bag or Scroll Case. For example, if you want to buy all the Scrolls Of Protection From Undead from a certain shopkeeper, have the character with the Scroll Case select the scroll with by double clicking so you buy more than one Item. Select all the scrolls the shopkeeper has to offer. The price will reflect every scroll you are going to buy, Next, go to the character's inventory. Double click on the Scroll Case. This opens the case for only those items allowed. Go back to the shopkeepers inventory You will see the multiple scrolls you selected by the small number in the upper left hand corner of the item. However, the price will reflect only the cost of one of those items. you Can buy as many of the items as the shopkeeper has to offer for the price of just one.

  • Hint: Romances
Your main character (or protagonist player) can have romances with certain NPCs according to his or her gender:

Female: Anomen
Male: Viciona, Jaheira, Aerie
Also if an NPC is having a romance with your character, they get various subplots:

Viciona: Attacked by a Drow and a Yochlol
Jaheira: Attacked by Bandits
Aerie: No subplot
Anomen: Seeks revenge for the death of his father.

Relationships develop according to your characters ability scores, alignment, or how you react to them talking to you. For example, Viciona likes a high strength ability, Jaheira likes honesty, and Aerie likes a Good alignment. Some romances always end in a bad way no matter what you say or do. For example, Viciona and Aerie sleep with you, then decide to break up afterwards. Viciona will sleep with you quickly, then starts treating you badly, then finally gives in to you once more. Romances happen when the NPC talks to you and you talk back very nice and if you have the things they like. After awhile, rest at an inn. You will see all the other characters, except you and the NPC you are having a romance with will sleep on mattresses. Then an animation begins, showing the two characters sleeping with each other. When the animation finishes, if it is a "bad ending romance" an argument will follow and the characters will break up. However, if it is "good ending romance", the NPC will keep talking to your character every so often. Some romances will not finish at the end of the game, but will continue into Baldur's Gate 2:The Throne of Bhaal.
  • Hint: Summoned creature attack
If you can summon creatures to aid you they will auto-attack the enemy. This is especially useful when you can open a door without the enemy seeing you, Get a quick glimpse of the enemy and run back through the door. Then have the creatures summoned and they will attack the enemy. After they die, rest and repeat. You will regenerate your spells and hit points but the enemy will not. This is useful for the sphere battle in the lower level.
  • In-game cheat keys
Use one of the following codes during game play after using the CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() code to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code

Heal character [Ctrl] + R
Control any character [Ctrl] + Q
Move party to pointer location [Ctrl] + J
Heal and remove harmful spell effects from party [Ctrl] + T
Kill selected character or monster [Ctrl] + Y
Change AC of selected character [Ctrl] + 1
Previous selected character's model [Ctrl] + 6
Advance selected character's model [Ctrl] + 7
Maximum stats at character generation screen [Shift] + [Ctrl] + 8
  • Item names
Use one of the following entries with the CLUAConsole:CreateItem("") code to spawn the corresponding item.

Item Item name

Necklace of Missiles amul01
Amulet of Protection +1 amul14
Shield Amulet amul15
Amulet of Metaspell Influence amul16
Greenstone Amulet amul17
Amulet of Magic Resistance 5% amul19
Kaligun's Amulet of Magic Resistance 10% amul20O
Amulet of Power amul21
Periapt of Proof Against Poison amul22
Periapt of Life Protection amul23
Necklace of Form Stability amul24
Amulet of Spell Warding amul25
Arrow arow01
Arrow +1 arow02
Arrow of Slaying arow03
Acid Arrows arow04
Arrows of Biting arow05
Arrows of Dispelling arow07
Arrows of Fire arow08
Arrows of Ice arow09
Arrows of Piercing arow10
Arrows +2 arow11l
Battle Axe ax1h01
Battle Axe +1 ax1h02
Battle Axe +2 ax1h03
Throwing Axe ax1h04
Throwing Axe +2 ax1h06
Hangards Axe +2 ax1h08
Rifthome Axe +3 ax1h09
Azure Edge ax1h10
Battle Axe +3: Stonefire ax1h12
Battle Axe +3: Frostreaver ax1h13
Gem Bag bag02
Scroll Case bag03
Bag of Holding bag04
Golden Girdle belt02
Girdle of Bluntness belt03
Girdle of Piercing belt04
Girdle of Gender belt05
Girdle of Hill Giant Strength belt06
Girdle of Stone Giant Strength belt07
Girdle of Frost Giant Strength belt08
Girdle of Fortitude belt09
Belt of Inertial Barrier belt10
Mace blun01
Flail blun02
Flail +1 blun03
Mace +1 blun05
Morning Star blun06
Morning Star +1 blun07
The Root of the Problem blun10
Mace of Disruption +1 blun12
Flail +2 blun13
Flail of the Ages +3 blun14
Morning Star +2 blun15
The Sleeper +2 blun16
Wyvern's Tail +2 blun17
Skullcrusher +3 blun18
Mauler's Arm +2 blun19
Ardutia's Fall +1 blun20O
Mace +2 blun21
Club +3: Blackblood blun22
Bone Club +2, +3 vs Undead blun23
Club +2: Gnasher blun24
Bolt bolt01
Bolt +1 bolt02
Bolt of Lighting bolt03
Bolt of Biting bolt04
Bolt of Polymorphing bolt05
Boots of Speed boot01
Boots of Stealth boot02
Boots of the North boot03
Boots of the Avoidance boot04
Boots of Grounding boot05
Boots of Elvenkind boot07
Boots of Phasing boot08
Boots of Etherealness boot11l
Composite Long Bow bow01l
Composite Long Bow +1 bow02
Long Bow bow03
Long Bow +1 bow04
Short Bow bow05
Short Bow +1 bow06
Long Bow of Marksmanship bow07
Ripper +2 bow09
Heartseeker +3 bow10
Strong Arm +2 bow11
Elven Court Bow +3 bow12
Mana Bow +4 bow13
Tuigan Bow +1 bow14
Tansheron's Bow +3 bow15
Composite Long Bow +2 bow16
Long Bow +2 bow17
Short Bow +2 bow18
Short Bow of Gesen bow19
Bracers of Defense AC 8 brac01
Bracers of Defense AC 7 brac02
Bracers of Defense AC 6 brac03
Bracers of Archery brac04
Gauntlets of Ogre Power brac06
Gauntlets of Dexterity brac07
Gauntlets of Weapons Skill brac09
Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise brac10
Bracers of Binding brac11
Bracers of Defense AC 5 brac13
Bracers of Defense AC 4 brac14
Bracers of Defense AC 3 brac15
Bracers of Blinding Strike brac16
Gloves of Pick Pocketing brac17
Gloves of Missile Snaring brac18
Gauntlets of Crushing brac19
Gloves of Healing brac20
Bullet bull01
Bullet +1 bull02
Bullet +2 bull03
Sunstone Bullet +1 bull04
Bolt +2 bull06
Chain Mail chan01
Chain Mail +1 chan02
Chain Mail +2 Mail of the Dead chan03
Splint Mail chan04
Splint Mail +1 chan05
Chain Mail +4: Drizzt's Mail chan06
Chain Mail +2 chan08
Chain Mail +3: Darkmail chan09
Chain Mail +4: Jester's Chains chan10
Chain Mail +5: Crimson Chain chan11l
Elven Chain Mail chan12
Elven Chain +1 chan13
Elven Mail +2: Sylvan Mail chan14
Chain Mail +3: Melodic Chain chan15
Chain Mail +4 Bladesinger Chain chan16
Splint Mail +2: Ashen Scales chan17
Splint Mail +3: Armor of Faith chan18
Cloak of Protection +1 clck01
Cloak of Protection +2 clck02
Cloak of Displacement clck03
Cloak of the Wolf clck04
Cloak of Non-Detection clck06
Mage Robe of Cold Resistance clck09
Mage Robe of Fire Resistance clck10O
Mage Robe of Electric Resistance clck11
Knave's Robe clck12
Traveller's Robe clck13
Adventurer's Robe clck14
Robe of the Good Archmagi clck15
Robe of the Neutral Archmagi clck16
Robe of the Evil Archmagi clck17
Cloak of The Shield clck20
Cloak of Elvenkind clck23
Cloak of Reflection clck24
Cloak of Stars clck25
Cloak of Mirrors clck26
Cloak of Sewers clck27
Robe of the Apprenti clck29
Dagger dagg01
Dagger +1 dagg02
Dagger +2 dagg03
Throwing Dagger dagg05
Fire Tooth +3 dagg12
Pixie Prick +3 dagg13
Bone Blade +4 dagg14
Poison Throwing Dagger dagg16
Stiletto of Demarchess +2 dagg17
Dagger of... dagg19
Dart dart01l
Dart +1 dart02
Dart of Stunning dart03
Dart of Wounding dart04
Asp's Nest dart05
Halberd halb01l
Halberd +1 halb02
Halberd +2 halb03
Dragon Bane +3 halb04
Dragon's Breath +4 halb05
Blackmist +4 halb06
Halberd +2 Darkblade halb08
Halberd +4: Wave halb09
War Hammer hamm01
War Hammer +1 hamm02
War Hammer +2: Thundercracker hamm03
War Hammer +1, +4 vs. Giantkind hamm04
War Hammer +2 hamm05
Dwarven Thrower +3 hamm06
Hammer of Thunderbolts +3 hamm07
War Hammer +2 hamm08
Crom Faeyr +4 hamm09
Helm of Glory helm03
Helm of Defense helm04
Helm of Infravision helm05
Helm of Charm Protection helm06
Helm of Balduran helm07
Helm of Brilliance helm16
Skull of Death helm17
Dragon Helm helm21
Leather Armor leat01
Leather Armor +1 leat02
Leather Armor +2: Protector of the Second leat03
Studded Leather Armor leat04
Studded Leather Armor +1 leat05
Studded Leather Armor +2: Missile Attraction leat06
Studded Leather Armor +2: Telbar's Armor leat07
Studded Leather +3: Shadow Armor leat08
Leather +3: Karajah's Armor leat09
Hide Armor leat10
Leather Armor +2 leat11
Leather Armor +3 leat12
Leather +4: Skin of the Ghoul leat13
Leather +5: The Night's Gift leat14
Studded Leather +2 leat15
Studded Leather +3: Orc Leather leat16
Studded Leather +4: Armor of the Deep Night leat17
Armor of the Viper +5 leat18
Black Dragon Scale leat19
Leather +3: Aeger's Hide leat20O
Human Flesh +5 leat21l
Efreeti Bottle misc3c
Golden Lion Figurine misc3d
Black Spider Figurine misc3e
Horn of Blasting misc3h
Silver Horn of Valhalla misc3ia
Horn of Silence misc3l
Harp of Discord misc3m
Glasses of ID misc3p
Moon Dog Figurine misc7t
Plate Mail plat01
Plate Mail +1 plat02
Full Plate Mail plat04
Full Plate Mail +1 plat05
Ankheg Plate Mail plat06
Plate Mail +2: Delver's Plate plat11
Plate Mail +2: Doomplate plat12
Plate Mail +4 Gorgon Plate plat13
Full Plate +2: Plate of the Legion plat15
Full Plate +3: Armor of the Heart plat16
Plate Mail +5: T'rahcie's Tainted Plate plat17
Red Dragon Scale plat18
Full Plate +2 plat19
Ring of Fire Resistance ring02
Ring of Animal Friendship ring03
Ring of Clumsiness ring04
Ring of Invisibility ring05
Ring of Protection +1 ring06
Ring of Protection +2 ring07
Ring of Wizardry ring08
Ring of Free Action ring09
Ring of Energy ring20
Ring of Infravision ring21
Ring of Holiness ring22
Ring of Djinni Summoning ring26
Ring of Fire Control ring27
Ring of Air Control ring28
Ring of Eart Control ring29
Ring of Human Influence ring30
Ring of Regeneration ring31
Ring of the Ram ring33
Ring of the Spell Turning ring34
Ring of Lockpicks ring35
Ring of Danger Sense ring36
Ring of Gaxx ring39
Ring of Acuity ring40
Rod of Absorption rods01
Rod of Lordly Might rods02
Rod of Resurrection rods03
Rod of Smiting rods04
Rod of Terror rods05
Slow scroll scrl10
Aganazzar's Scorcher scroll scrl16
Ghoul Touch scroll scrl1c
Clairvoyance scroll scrl1d
Dispel Magic scroll scrl1e
Flame Arrow scroll scrl1f
Fireball scroll scrl1g
Haste scroll scrl1h
Hold Person scroll scrl1i
Invisibility 10' Radius scroll scrl1j
Minor Summoning 1 scroll scrl1l
Non-Detection scroll scrl1m
Protection From Normal Missiles scroll scrl1n
Skull Trap scroll scrl1p
Vampiric Touch scroll scrl1qm
Dire Charm scroll scrl1s
Ghost Armor scroll scrl1t
Confusion scroll scrl1u
Stoneskin scroll scrl1va
Fire Shield (Blue) scroll scrl1w
Ice Storm scroll scrl1x
Improved Invisibility scroll scrl1y
Minor Globe of Invulnerability scroll scrl1z
Monster Summoning 2 scroll scrl2a
Animate Dead scroll scrl2d
Cloudkill scroll scrl2e
Cone of Sold scroll scrl2f
Monster Summoning 3 scroll scrl2g
Shadow Door scroll scrl2h
Vocalize scroll scrl3g
Remove Curse scroll scrl5g
Emotion: Hopelessness scroll scrl5h
Greater Malison scroll scrl5i
Otiluke's Resilient Sphere scroll scrl5j
Spirit Armor scroll scrl5k
Polymorph Other scroll scrl5l
Polymorph Self scroll scrl5m
Domination scroll scrl5n
Hold Monster scroll scrl5o
Chaos scroll scrl5p
Feeblemind scroll scrl5q
Protection from Electricity scroll scrl5t
Reflected Image scroll scrl5um
Grease scroll scrl66
Armor scroll scrl67
Burning Hands scroll scrl68
Charm Person scroll scrl69
Find Familiar scroll scrl6d
Power Word Sleep scroll scrl6e
Ray of Enfeeblement scroll scrl6f
Minor Spell Deflection scroll scrl6g
Protection from Fire scroll scrl6h
Protection from Cold scroll scrl6i
Spell Thrust scroll scrl6j
Detect Illusion scroll scrl6k
Hold Undead scroll scrl6l
Enchanter Weapon scroll scrl6m
Fire Shield (Red) scroll scrl6n
Secret World scroll scrl6o
Minor Sequencer scroll scrl6p
Teleport Field scroll scrl6q
Spider Spawn scroll scrl6r
Spell Immunity scroll scrl6s
Protection from Normal Weapons scroll scrl6t
Breach scroll scrl6u
Lower Resistance scroll scrl6v
Oracle scroll scrl6w
Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental scroll scrl6x
Protection from Acid scroll scrl6y
Phantom Blade scroll scrl6z
Color Spray scroll scrl70
Blindness scroll scrl71
Friends scroll scrl72
Protection from Petrifaction scroll scrl73
Identify scroll scrl75
Infravision scroll scrl76
Magic Missile scroll scrl77
Protection from Evil scroll scrl78
Shield scroll scrl79
Conjure Lesser Air Elemental scroll scrl7b
Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental scroll scrl7c
Minor Spell Turning scroll scrl7d
Invisible Stalker scroll scrl7e
Globe of Invulnerability scroll scrl7f
Tenser's Transformation scroll scrl7g
Flesh to Stone scroll scrl7h
Death Spell scroll scrl7i
Protection from Magical Energy scroll scrl7j
Misled scroll scrl7k
True Seeing scroll scrl7m
Protection from Magic Weapons scroll scrl7o
Power Word Silence scroll scrl7p
Improved Haste scroll scrl7q
Death Fog scroll scrl7r
Chain Lightning scroll scrl7s
Disintegrate scroll scrl7t
Pierce Magic scroll scrl7t
Contingency scroll scrl7u
Spell Deflection scroll scrl7va
Wyvern Call scroll scrl7w
Conjure Fire Elemental scroll scrl7x
Conjure Air Elemental scroll scrl7y
Conjure Earth Elemental scroll scrl7z
Shocking Grasp scroll scrl80
Sleep scroll scrl81
Chill Touch scroll scrl82
Chromatic Orb scroll scrl83
Larloch's Minor Drain scroll scrl84
Blur scroll scrl85
Detect Invisibilty scroll scrl87
Horror scroll scrl89
Carrion Summons scroll scrl8a
Summon Nishruu scroll scrl8b
Stone to Flesh scroll scrl8c
Spell Turning scroll scrl8d
Protection from Elements scroll scrl8e
Projected Image scroll scrl8f
Ruby Ray of Reversal scroll scrl8g
Khelben's Warding Whip scroll scrl8h
Cacofiend scroll scrl8i
Mantle scroll scrl8j
Spell Sequencer scroll scrl8l
Sphere of Chaos scroll scrl8m
Delayed Blast Fireball scroll scrl8n
Finger of Death scroll scrl8o
Prismatic Spray scroll scrl8p
Power Word Stun scroll scrl8q
Mordenkainen's Sword scroll scrl8r
Summon Efreeti scroll scrl8s
Summon Dijinni scroll scrl8t
Summon Hakeashar scroll scrl8ua
Control Undead scroll scrl8v
Mass Invisibility scroll scrl8w
Spell Shield scroll scrl8xa
Protection from Energy scroll scrl8y
Simulacrum scroll scrl8zm
Invisibility scroll scrl90
Knock scroll scrl91
Know Alignment scroll scrl92
Luck scroll scrl93
Resist Fear scroll scrl94
Melf's Acid Arrow scroll scrl95
Mirror Image scroll scrl96
Stinking Cloud scroll scrl97
Strength scroll scrl98
Web scroll scrl99
Pierce Shield scroll scrl9a
Summon Fiend scroll scrl9b
Improved Mantle scroll scrl9c
Spell Trigger scroll scrl9d
Incendiary Cloud scroll scrl9e
Symbol Fear scroll scrl9f
Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting scroll scrl9g
Maze scroll scrl9h
Power Word Blind scroll scrl9j
Spell Trap scroll scrl9lm
Spell Strike scroll scrl9m
Gate scroll scrl9n
Absolute Immunity scroll scrl9p
Chain Contingency scroll scrl9q
Time Step scroll scrl9r
Imprisonment scroll scrl9s
Meteor Swarm scroll scrl9t
Power Word Kill scroll scrl9u
Wail of the Banshee scroll scrl9v
Black Blade of Disaster scroll scrl9x
Shapechange scroll scrl9y
Freedom scroll scrl9z
Wizard Eye scroll scrla1
Deafness scroll scrla2
Glitterdust scroll scrla3
Limited Wish scroll scrla4
Lightning Bolt scroll scrla5
Melf's Minute Meteors scroll scrla5
Spook scroll scrla6
Remove Magic scroll scrla7
Contagion scroll scrla8
Symbol Death scroll scrlao
Symbol Stun scroll scrlap
Farsight scroll scrlaq
Sunfire scroll scrlar
Small Shield shld01
Small Shield +1 shld02
Medium Shield shld03
Medium Shield +1 shld04
Large Shield shld05
Large Shield +1 shld06
Large Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles shld07
Buckler shld08
Buckler +1 shld17
Large Shield +2 shld19
Dragon Scale Shield +2 shld21
Sentinel +4 shld22
Fortress Shield +3 shld23
Reflection Shield +1 shld24
Shield of Harmony +2 shld25
Shield of the Lest +2 shld26
Saving Grace +3 shld27
Small Shield +2 shld28
Medium Shield +2 shld29
Sling slng01
Sling +1 slng02
Sling +3 slng03
Sling +2 slng04
Sling +3: Arla's Dragonbane slng05
Sling +4: Arvoreen slng06
Sling of Seeking +26 slng07
Spear sper01
Spear +1 sper02
Spear +3: Backbiter sper03
Spear +2 sper05
Spear +3 sper06
Spear +2: Unicorn Spear sper07
Spear +3: Impaler sper08
Spear +1: Halcyon sper09
Spear of Withering +4 sper10
Quarterstaff staf01
Quarterstaff +1 staf02
Staff of Striking staf05
Staff Mace staf06
Staff Spear +2 staf07
Martial Staff +3 staf08
Staff of Command staf09
Staff of Curing staf10
Staff of the Magi staf11
Staff of Power staf12
Staff of Thunder and Lightning staf13
Staff the Woodlands +4 staf14
Staff of Air +2 staf15
Staff of Earth +2 staf16
Staff of Fire +2 staf17
Quarterstaff +2 staf18
Cleric's Staff +3 staf19
Staff of Rynn +4 staf20
Bastard Sword sw1h01
Bastard Sword +1 sw1h02
Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters sw1h03
Long Sword sw1h04
Long Sword +1 sw1h05
Long Sword +2 Famir's Blade sw1h06
Short Sword sw1h07
Short Sword +1 sw1h08
Short Sword +2 sw1h09
Short Sword of Backstabbing sw1h10
Scimitar +3: Frostband sw1h15
Scimitar +5: Defender sw1h16
Scimitar sw1h20O
Scimitar +1 sw1h22
Rashad's Talon sw1h23
Flame Tongue sw1h24
Kundane +2 sw1h25
Ilbratha +1 sw1h26
Arbane's Sword +2 sw1h27
Cutthroat +4 sw1h28
Belm +2 sw1h30O
Daystar sw1h31
DragonSlayer sw1h32
Ras +2 sw1h33
Albruin +1 sw1h34
Namarra +2 sw1h36
Taragarth +2 sw1h37
Jhor the Bleeder +2 sw1h38
Blade of Searing +2 sw1h39
Blade of Roses +3 sw1h40
Bastard Sword +2 sw1h42
Katana sw1h43
Katana +1 sw1h44
Malakar +2 sw1h45
Wakizashi sw1h46
Wakizashi +1 sw1h47
Ninja-To sw1h48
Ninja-To +1 sw1h49
Scimitar +1 Shazzellim sw1h50
Celestial Fury sw1h51
Swoard of Flame +1 sw1h53
The Equalizer sw1h54
Two Handed Sword sw2h01
Two Handed Sword +1 sw2h02
Cursed Berserking Sword sw2h03
Harbringer +3 sw2h07
Soul Reaver +4 sw2h08
Warblade +4 sw2h09
The Holy Avenger: Carsomyr +5 sw2h10
Two Handed Sword +2 sw2h11
Flame of the North sw2h12
Lilarcor +3 sw2h14
Vorpal Blade sw2h15
Wand of Fear wand02
Wand of Magic Missiles wand03
Wand of Paralyzation wand04
Wand of Fire wand05
Wand of Frost wand06
Wand of Lightning wand07
Wand of Sleep wand08
Wand of Polymorphing wand09
Wand of Monster Summoning wand10
Wand of Heavens wand11
Wand of Wonder wand12
Wand of Cloudkill wand13
Wand of the Apprenti wand15
Heavy Crossbow xbow01
Heavy Crossbow +1 xbow02
Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy +5 xbow03
Light Crossbow xbow04
Light Crossbow +1 xbow05
Light Crossbow of Speed xbow06
Heavy Crossbow +2 xbow07
Giant Hair Crossbow +3 xbow08
Light Crossbow +2 xbow09
Necaradan's Crossbow +3 xbow10
Crossbow of Affliction xbow13
Heavy Crossbow of Searing +1 xbow14
  • Location numbers
Use one of the following entries with the CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("") code to travel to the corresponding location. Note: All characters must be selected before using the code. Press X during game play to find additional location numbers.

Area Location number
Astral Prison AR0516
Asylum Dungeon AR1512
Bodhis Dungeon AR0801
Bridge District AR0500
City Gates AR0020
Cult of the Unseeing Eye AR0202
De'Arnise Hold AR1300
Demon Outerworld AR0414
Docks District AR0300
Domain of the Dragon AR1201
Druids Grove AR1900
Government District AR1000
Graveyard District AR0800
Planar Sphere AR0411
Rift Dungeon AR0204
Slums District AR0400
Suldanesslar AR2500
Real Suldanesslar AR2800
Temple District AR0900
The Nine Hells AR2900
Trademeet AR2000
Umar Hills AR1100
Waukeen's Promenade AR0700
  • Monster names
Use one of the following entries with the CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("") code to spawn the corresponding creature.

Creature Monster name

Black Dragon dragblac
Blue Salamander icsalcol
Bone Golem icbone01
Cow scrlzz or scrlzy
Demi Lich hldemi
Djinni gendji01
Drow Warrior uddrow27
Elder Orb Beholder beheld01
Gauth Beholder behgau01
Giant Troll trogi01
Greater Ghoul ghogr01
Greater Mummy mumgre01
Iron Golem goliro01
Lich lich01
Mature Vampire vammat01
Mind Flayer mindfl01
Minotaur icmin01
Mist Horror mistho01
Ogre ogre01
Orog Warrior orc05
Red Dragon dragred
Silver Dragon dragsil
Skeleton Warrior skelwa01
Splitter Troll troluo01
Stone Golem golsto01
Wyvern wyvern01
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