Backbreaker: Vengeance

final kaoss

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Various Achievements​

Unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points, by completing the following Achievements!

AchievementHow to unlock
Born Winner ( 20 points )Complete all single player Supremacy challenges.
Cleaning Up ( 20 points )Collect 5 score patches in one wave in Tackle Alley.
Headbanger ( 10 points )Collide 2 defenders into each other.
It Begins ( 10 points )Complete a wave.
Jack of all Trades ( 20 points )In Tackle Alley use jump, barge and slide on all of the appropriate tacklers in a wave.
Multiply and Conquer ( 10 points )Reach 10 combo multiplier in Tackle Alley.
Parting Waves ( 20 points )Complete all single player Tackle Alley challenges.
Pole Position ( 20 points )Score highest on every wave of a single player Supremacy challenge.
Relentless ( 20 points )Complete an entire single player Vengeance challenge without giving up a score.
Tackle Master ( 20 points )Complete all single player Vengeance challenges.
The Immortal ( 20 points )Complete a single player Tackle Alley challenge without losing a life.
The Jester ( 10 points )Showboat down the field for 30 yards in one wave in Tackle Alley.
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