Back to hacking PSP's after 2 year hiatus


I'm getting back into hacking PSP's, and I haven't been around since the 5.00M33 days, so I have no Idea as to what's going on.

Anyway I was reading around and I see that the hacking now seems to be temporary mainly with some fast recovery thing, and then there's this downgrading then getting a permanent patch for custom firmware.

I ordered for a new PSP 3000 which should be arriving in two days, so I have a couple of questions;
-Would it be safe to downgrade the 3000 then get a permanent patch? Or would you guys recommend I just do a temporary thing with the fast recovery.
-Does every new PSP come updated to the latest firmware, or are there any chances that I might get something of an older firmware update?

-What risks are there if I were to attempt to downgrade it, or are there any?

-Any other tips would be appreciated
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