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final kaoss

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1 AJWT-AA70 Infinite lives
2 A5NT-AAHC Shields cost 6 crystals
3 AMNT-AAHC Shields cost 2 crystals
4 AHNT-AAHC Shields granted for each crystal
5 BCRA-ARBN Shields last 30 seconds
6 98RA-B93N Shields last until next level
7 RZ8T-A6TR Repeat lasts forever
8 CDNT-A6GG Repeat lasts twice as long
9 GDNT-AA6N Get repeat on pick-up of 3-way gun
10 KDNT-AA5Y Get repeat on pick-up of fission gun
11 DDNT-AA7E Get repeat on pick-up of missiles
12 RHNT-A6Z6 Get repeat on pick-up of 5-way gun
13 H2WT-AA8L Keep weapons after dying
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