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The first game listed was Atelier Meruru, and it showed how to modify items. The link to the spreadsheet was dead, so I went through and made my own documentation for it. This is basically all the information in the link should you not want to view it and save a little time. :mrgreen:

Basket Slot 1 offsets
20039FFD 0000XXXX - Item Number
2003A001 0000XXXX - Item ID
2003A005 42F00000 - 120 Quality
2003A009 0000XXXX - Trait 1
2003A00D 0000XXXX - Trait 2
2003A011 0000XXXX - Trait 3
2003A015 0000XXXX - Trait 4
2003A019 0000XXXX - Trait 5
2003A01D 0000XXXX - Effect 1
2003A021 0000XXXX - Effect 2
2003A025 0000XXXX - Effect 3
2003A029 0000XXXX - Quantity
By adding 30 to each of these values, you'll find the hex address for the next item in line. There are either 60, 80 or 100 basket slots, depending on which effects are on the basket Meruru has equipped, and 1999 container slots. The top code, item number is what makes code creation difficult. As you progress through the game, each item is assigned a value and it appears to retain this value when moved from the basket to container and vice versa. So in theory like I found out, even though it is in basket slot 1, it won't be numbered 1. In my case it was something like 00 00 0A 18. So in theory, the example code and others I have made will most likely only work when applied to a freshly created save game.

example code:
Ultimate Peacemaker (Basket Slot 1)
Quantity: 999
Quality: 120
Rank Special
Cost Bonus
Effect Boost Lvl 1
Effect Boost Lvl 2
Mortal Blow
Prayer Fireworks

20039FFD 00000001
2003A001 0000000C
2003A005 42F00000
2003A009 000000A8
2003A00D 000000AB
2003A011 000000A9
2003A015 000000AA
2003A019 00000029
2003A01D 0000002F
2003A029 000003E7
Now I have no idea who Joe Money is, but credit goes to him for this code. In order to not make these posts too long to read, more information will be in a new post.

In this post all the information was compiled by me, using the above information provided by Joe Money. Now some quick information about how editing things in this game works. If you notice the above code, it starts with a 2, indicating a 4 byte (FF FF FF FF) maximum value, yet only a single byte (0-FF) is used. This is because, unlike a lot of other games, Atelier Meruru uses the whole 4 bytes to identify items. If a trait or effect is not set, in other games it maybe shown in Advanced Mode as 00 00 00 00. However, in Atelier Meruru it is set as FF FF FF FF. Using the code above as an example, for the Peacemaker (OC), setting the code as 0003A004 0000000C, will change it to FF FF FF 0C, which will more than likely crash your game. It needs to be set to 00 00 00 0C to work, which is why the code is 2003A001 0000000C.

Hopefully all that didn't confuse you too much. Now here is a code created by me. It is a hybrid shorthand code, to make use of multiple similarities in items, to long codes where different values were needed. As noted above about the Item Numbers, a code like this which creates items from nothing are far more difficult to create.

Note: Use this code at the start of a new game only. Since Meruru (and other characters) keeps all equipped items upon loading a Clear Game save file, this code only needs to be applied one time.

Meruru equip help items
Handmade Basket - Jumbo Size
Blessed Coin - Rot Prevention/Fast Enhancement
Fate Talisman - Great Learner
Flying Carpet - Emergency Escape
Goddess Statue - Wonderful Rumors
Harvest Glove - Pro Gatherer/Gathering Master
Secret Bag - Free Transfer
Traveler Shoes - Sprint

42039FFD 00000001
40080030 00000001
4203A001 0000002B
40080030 00000001
4203A005 42F00000
40080030 00000000
4203A029 00000000
40080030 00000000
2003A01D 000000C3 - basket/jumbo size
2003A07D 000000B1 - coin/rot prevention
2003A081 000000B3 - coin/fast enhancement
2003A0AD 000000C8 - talisman/great learner
2003A0DD 000000AD - carpet/emergency escape
2003A10D 000000C6 - statue/wonderful rumors
2003A13D 000000C0 - glove/pro gatherer
2003A141 000000B8 - glove/gathering master
2003A16D 000000AF - bag/free transfer
2003A19D 000000B6 - shoes/sprint

As mentioned previously, tinkering with Item Numbers in codes can create problems. So the codes below will modify items already in your possession. Best way to do this, would be go outside the workshop and draw as many waters as items you wish to modify from the well there. The main point of these codes are to create multiple items with the same traits and/or effects, such as various ingots for weapons or cloths for armor synthesis.

Item Modifying Codes - Note they are in shorthand form.
Item ID
4203A001 0000XXXX
40YY0030 00000000 
4203A005 42F00000
40YY0030 00000000
Trait 1
4203A009 0000XXXX
40YY0030 00000000
Trait 2
4203A00D 0000XXXX
40YY0030 00000000
Trait 3
4203A011 0000XXXX
40YY0030 00000000
Trait 4
4203A015 0000XXXX
40YY0030 00000000
Trait 5
4203A019 0000XXXX
40YY0030 00000000
Effect 1
4203A01D 0000XXXX
40YY0030 00000000
Effect 2
4203A021 0000XXXX
40YY0030 00000000
Effect 3
4203A025 0000XXXX
40YY0030 00000000
4203A029 0000XXXX
40YY0030 00000000
For the XXXX values, look below at the next post for the values. For items its the left column, traits is the middle, and effects the right. YY is just the number (in hex) of items you wish to change. So you want to modify 20 waters into something else, YY would be 14 on all codes you wish to apply. Not all items will need all codes. Most items other than healing and attack items, along with accessories won't need Effect 1-3, so you can leave those codes out.

Sample Code - 10x Ingots with Rainbow Power, Deity Power, Master Skill, Power Hitter and Black Element.
Item ID
4203A001 00000045
400A0030 00000000 
4203A005 42F00000
400A0030 00000000
Trait 1
4203A009 000000EE
400A0030 00000000
Trait 2
4203A00D 00000079
400A0030 00000000
Trait 3
4203A011 00000071
400A0030 00000000
Trait 4
4203A015 00000059
400A0030 00000000
Trait 5
4203A019 000000F9
400A0030 00000000
Remember, you'll need 10 or more waters or other items to be changed into Ingots for this code to work.
Item Modifier Values

        Item:                       Trait:                       Effect:

0000:   Craft                       Price Up Lv1                 Attack XS
0001:   Bomb                        Price Up Lv2                 Attack S
0002:   Ice Bomb                    Price up Lv3                 Attack M
0003:   Lightning Bomb              Finest Goods                 Attack L
0004:   Globe                       Limited Time                 Attack XL
0005:   Meteor                      Royal Treatment              Fire S
0006:   Salute                      Price Down Lv1               Fire M
0007:   Puni Bomb                   Price Down Lv2               Fire L
0008:   Magic Sword                 Price Down Lv3               Fire XL
0009:   Pinwheel                    On Sale                      Explosive
000A:   Monster Pot                 Discounted                   Ice S
000B:   Spirit Stone                Bargain Bin                  Ice M
000C:   Peacemaker                  Lasts Lv1                    Ice L
000D:   Witch Salve                 Lasts Lv2                    Ice XL
000E:   Dark Water                  Lasts Lv3                    Lightning S
000F:   Rescue Signal               Preservation                 Lightning M
0010:   Purity Vase                 Warranty                     Lightning L
0011:   Royal Aroma                 Permanent                    Lightning XL
0012:   Guardian Jewel              Quality Lv1                  Earth S
0013:   Time Lithograph             Quality Lv2                  Earth M
0014:   Fortune Dice                Quality Lv3                  Earth L
0015:   Healing Salve               Hand-Crafted                 Falling Stars
0016:   Elixir                      Professional                 Falling Puni
0017:   Drachen Elixir              Ultra Quality                Falling Boulder
0018:   Secret Remedy               Forceful Lv1                 Falling Uni
0019:   Healing Bell                Forceful Lv2                 Falling ???
001A:   Migrain Syrup               Forceful Lv3                 Teeny Cannonball
001B:   Mind Water                  Very Painful                 Cannonball
001C:   Secret Tablet               Destroyer                    Grand Cannonball
001D:   Nectar                      Demolisher                   Puni Explosion
001E:   Auto Alarm                  Heal Lv1                     Puni Explosion M
001F:   Mystical Ankh               Heal Lv2                     Puni Explosion L
0020:   Homemade Pie                Heal Lv3                     Magic Sword Strike
0021:   Mushroom Pie                Fast Heal                    Magic Sword Rain
0022:   Meister Tarte               Mender                       Giant Magic Sword
0023:   Danish                      Recovery                     Flurry
0024:   Mont Blanc                  Critical Lv1                 Cyclone
0025:   Dessert Basket              Critical Lv2                 Maelstrom
0026:   Cream Pie                   Critical Lv3                 Knockback S
0027:   Jiggly Pudding              Satisfactory                 Knockback M
0028:   Special Meat                Sure Shot                    Knockback L
0029:   Dragon BBQ                  Mortal Blow                  Beast in a Pot
002A:   Mushroom Stew               Stable Lv1                   Monster in a Pot
002B:   Handmade Basket             Stable Lv2                   Demon in a Pot
002C:   Blessed Coin                Established                  Summon Spirit S
002D:   Fate Talisman               Judgement Lv1                Summon Spirit M
002E:   Flying Carpet               Judgement Lv2                Summon Spirit L
002F:   Goddess Statue              Declaration                  Prayer Fireworks
0030:   Harvest Glove               Success Lv1                  Path to Harmony
0031:   Secret Bag                  Success Lv2                  Sacred Flames
0032:   Traveler Shoes              Beginner                     Sleepy
0033:   Warp Gate                   Living                       Poisonous
0034:   Supplement                  Lively                       Slowness
0035:   Zettel                      Pepped Up                    Cursed
0036:   Pure Oil                    Usage Lv1                    Blinding
0037:   Alchemy Yeast               Usage Lv2                    Venomous
0038:   Alchemy Coal                Usage Lv3                    Lethargy
0039:   Polish Powder               Big                          Sleep Blade
003A:   Sweet Gem                   Jumbo                        Poison Blade
003B:   Pure Poison                 Monstrous                    Time Blade
003C:   Crimson Dye                 Cost Lv1                     Curse Blade
003D:   Crystal Ball                Cost Lv2                     Blinding Blade
003E:   Medicine Base               Cost Lv3                     Acidic
003F:   Living Rope                 Expand                       Sticky
0040:   Hay                         Enhance                      Target Poisoned
0041:   Glass Beads                 Maximize                     Target Wounded
0042:   Rainbow Oil                 HP +10                       Sulfuric
0043:   Magic Paint                 HP +20                       Rescue Signal
0044:   Tar Liquid                  HP +30                       Call for Sweets
0045:   Ingot                       HP Charge                    Roll a Die
0046:   Tinc                        HP Boost                     Irritating Smell
0047:   Dry Metal                   Life Guard                   Exhausting Smell
0048:   Ster Metal                  MP +10                       Dragon Power
0049:   Platine                     MP +20                       Dragon Flavor
004A:   Halmolium                   MP +30                       ATK+
004B:   Sunlite                     MP Charge                    DEF+
004C:   Regentium                   MP Boost                     SPD+
004D:   Cloth                       Mental Guard                 ATK-
004E:   Muffcot                     LP +10                       DEF-
004F:   Silkis                      LP +20                       SPD-
0050:   Polywool                    LP +30                       Protective Charm
0051:   Nylonfeather                LP Charge                    Powerful Taste
0052:   Wing Quilt                  LP Boost                     Robust Taste
0053:   Scale Cloth                 Stamina Guard                Hasty Taste
0054:   Medical Linen               Attack +5                    Auto-KO Recovery+
0055:   Flour                       Attack +10                   Auto-KO Recovery
0056:   Salt                        Attack +15                   Ailment Reducer
0057:   Honey                       Attack Charge                Ailment Reducer+
0058:   Komet                       Attack Boost                 Defense UP
0059:   Sylph Breath                Power Hitter                 Defense UP+
005A:   Liquor                      Defense +5                   Tri-Suffer
005B:   Beer                        Defense +10                  HP Recovery XS
005C:   Grape Water                 Defense +15                  HP Recovery S
005D:   Dried Flower                Defense Charge               HP Recovery M
005E:   Dried Meat                  Defense Boost                HP Recovery L
005F:   Tonic                       Defender                     HP Recovery XL
0060:   Magic Stone                 Speed +10                    MP Recovery XS
0061:   Alchemy Steel               Speed +15                    MP Recovery S
0062:   Ultimate Steel              Speed +20                    MP Recovery M
0063:   Dowsing Rod                 Speed Charge                 MP Recovery L
0064:   Preview Crystal             Speed Boost                  MP Recovery XL
0065:   Chim Doll                   Speed Star                   LP Recovery XS
0066:   Living Hoe                  MP Cost -10%                 LP Recovery S
0067:   Living Saw                  MP Cost -15%                 LP Recovery M
0068:   Living Cart                 MP Cost -20%                 LP Recovery L
0069:   Living Pickaxe              MP Cost Cut                  LP Recovery XL
006A:   Living Shovel               MP Cost Pack                 Scaled Recovery S
006B:   Dense Wood                  Eco-Skill                    Scaled Recovery M
006C:   Mighty Filter               Skill +10%                   Scaled Recovery L
006D:   Alchemy Lamp                Skill +15%                   Draw Strength
006E:   Herbicide                   Skill +20%                   Draw Speed
006F:   Sand Bag                    Skill Charge                 Sweet
0070:   Sky Flame                   Skill Boost                  Balance
0071:   Nimbus Stone                Master Skill                 Very Sweet
0072:   Balloon Tent                Fire+                        Melty
0073:   Rich Soil                   Ice+                         Tangy
0074:   Time Flow Seed              Earth+                       Bitter
0075:   Talisman Net                Lightning+                   Autocook
0076:   Suction Bag                 Red+Blue                     KO Recovery S
0077:   Zero-G Bag                  Green+Gold                   KO Recovery M
0078:   Wind Controller             Spirit Power                 KO Recovery L
0079:   Liquid Solvent              Deity Power                  HP+ Temp
007A:   New Land Ration             Puni Repel                   HP Healing S
007B:   Land Clasp                  Animal Repel                 HP Healing M
007C:   Mystical Garden             Dragon Repel                 HP Healing L
007D:   Enhanced Paint              Beast Repel                  HP Healing XL
007E:   Kingdom Flag                Ghost Repel                  Sleep Recovery
007F:   Sealing Amulet              Demon Repel                  Poison Recovery
0080:   Rime Crystal                Spirit Repel                 Slow Recovery
0081:   Pure Incense                Inflict Poison               Curse Recovery
0082:   Small Sun                   Poison Flame                 Blind Recovery
0083:   Saftey Box                  Inflict Sleep                Ailment Recovery
0084:   Useful Tool                 Snowstorm                    Null Buff
0085:   Samsara Gear                Inflict Curse                Flowing Magic
0086:   Animal Resonator            Earth Soul                   Crimson
0087:   Chaos Conductor             Inflict Blind                Sapphire
0088:   Wisemanipedia               Thunderbolt                  Emerald
0089:   Gold Nugget                 Inflict Slow                 Topaz
008A:   Mushroom Bed                Time Spirit                  Diamond
008B:   Jarred Mushroom             Stats +2                     Normal Mushroom
008C:   Gnardi Ring                 Stats +4                     Mystery Mushroom
008D:   Runestone                   Stats +6                     Choice Mushroom
008E:   Mercurius Eye               Stats Charge                 Fine Aroma
008F:   Spirit Necklace             Stats +10                    True Aroma
0090:   Gibate Ankh                 Stats Power                  Royal Aroma
0091:   Angel Charm                 Convert Lv1                  Time Stopping
0092:   Warrior Mask                Convert Lv2                  Time Advancing
0093:   Mythical Ring               Convert Lv3                  Time Delaying
0094:   Camo Cloak                  Absorb HP                    Time Blessed
0095:   Thief Bandana               Life Giver                   Power Rune
0096:   Bunny Tail                  Vitality Drain               Protection Rune
0097:   Pocket Watch                Resist Fire Lv1              Speed Rune
0098:   Reverse Torque              Resist Fire Lv2              Loot Chance+
0099:   Promise Band                Resist Ice Lv1               Loot Chance++
009A:   Speed Belt                  Resist Ice Lv2               Loot Trait+
009B:   Heroic Medal                Resist Lightning Lv1         Loot Trait++
009C:   Synthesis Piece             Resist Lightning Lv2         Loot Quality+
009D:   Fireproof Plate             Resist Earth Lv1             Loot Quality++
009E:   Potion of Youth             Resist Earth Lv2             Muscle Atrophy
009F:   Merulixir                   Red+Blue Shield              Invincible Retreat
00A0:   Ice Cascade Bomb            Green+Gold Shield            Bandit's Intuition
00A1:   Spring Pump                 Red+Blue Barrier             Blessed Action
00A2:   Pipe                        Green+Gold Barrier           Divine Miracle
00A3:   Healing Crystal             Rank Boost Lv1               Auto Revival+
00A4:   Indelible Bomb              Rank Boost Lv2               Auto Revival
00A5:   Insoluble Bomb              Rank Boost Lv3               Power of Trust
00A6:   Perpetual Bomb              Rank Fortify                 HP/MP Switch
00A7:   Nonstop Globe               Rank Bonus                   HP Damage Shift
00A8:   Infinity Meteor             Rank Special                 Whirlwind Motion
00A9:   Fire-Ice Ring               Effect Bonus Lv1             Super Fast Motion
00AA:   Black-White Ring            Effect Bonus Lv2             Safety Card
00AB:   Day-Night Ring              Cost Bonus                   Invincible Card
00AC:   Holy-Demon Ring             Swarm Slayer Lv1             Raucous Card
00AD:   Ruby Prism                  Swarm Slayer Lv2             Emergency Escape
00AE:   Grand Materia               Swarm Slayer Lv3             MP Eater
00AF:   Legendary Meat              Swarm Slayer S               Free Transfer
00B0:   Origin Seed                 Swarm Slayer M               Rot Reduction
00B1:   Plain Grass                 Swarm Slayer L               Rot Prevention
00B2:   Magic Grass                 Loner Slayer Lv1             Enhancement
00B3:   Uni                         Loner Slayer Lv2             Fast Enhancement
00B4:   Nuse                        Loner Slayer Lv3             Workshop Wings
00B5:   Beehive                     Loner Slayer S               Jog
00B6:   Tar Fruit                   Loner Slayer M               Sprint
00B7:   Oil Fruit                   Loner Slayer L               Trail Guide
00B8:   Incense Bark                Last Boost Lv1               Gathering Master
00B9:   Med Tree Root               Last Boost Lv2               Item Lv. Up?
00BA:   Winding Grass               Last Boost Lv3               Item Lv. Up+?
00BB:   Glow Grass                  Final Strike                 Item Quality Up?
00BC:   Balloon Fruit               Single Burst                 Item Quality Up+?
00BD:   Green Leaf                  Last Use                     Item Trait Up?
00BE:   Lotus                       Rapid Lv1                    Item Trait Up+?
00BF:   Night Lady                  Rapid Lv2                    Skilled Gatherer
00C0:   Flame Plant                 Rapid Lv3                    Pro Gatherer
00C1:   Gomphrena                   Simple                       Medium Size
00C2:   Mudhead                     Easy                         Super Size
00C3:   Eicheloa                    Sonic Slow                   Jumbo Size
00C4:   Forest Anemone              Condense Lv1                 Bad Rumors
00C5:   Rockroom                    Condense Lv2                 Good Rumors
00C6:   Happy Parasol               Condense Lv3                 Wonderful Rumors
00C7:   Royal Crown                 Forced Use                   Good Fortune
00C8:   Ghost House                 Full Use                     Great Learner
00C9:   Fest                        Single Bash Use              Fire Pattern
00CA:   Phlogiston                  Adjust Lv1                   Ice Pattern
00CB:   Fuel Dirt                   Adjust Lv2                   White Aura
00CC:   Distill Stone               Adjust Lv3                   Black Aura
00CD:   Blessed Stone               Usage Boost                  Daytime Blessing
00CE:   Glitter Sand                Usage Bonus                  Night Blessing
00CF:   Stench Stone                Count Bonus                  Holy Ambition
00D0:   Bounce Stone                Timed Lv1                    Evil Ambition
00D1:   Rock Salt                   Timed Lv2                    Consumption Ease
00D2:   Worthless Rock              Timed Lv3                    Fire Cloak
00D3:   Stim Stone                  Split Usage                  Ice Cloak
00D4:   Snow Stone                  Item Split                   Lightning Cloak
00D5:   Gravistone                  Item Clone                   Earth Cloak
00D6:   Star Piece                  Exploding Spikes             Fire Shield
00D7:   Wispstone                   Burning Vapor                Ice Shield
00D8:   Black Runestone             Dripping Venom               Lightning Shield
00D9:   Black Ore                   Soul Steal                   Earth Shield
00DA:   Magma Stone                 Chain Explosion              HP Regen S
00DB:   Rainbow Fragment            Strength Steal               HP Regen M
00DC:   Sea Puddle                  Solvent                      HP Regen L
00DD:   Chain Web                   Binding                      HP Regen XL
00DE:   Cotton Flower               Pure Power                   HP Regen XXL
00DF:   Some Egg                    Sturdy                       Critical+ S
00E0:   Quake Crystal               Lightweight                  Critical+ M
00E1:   Azure Wing                  Fire Power                   Critical+ L
00E2:   Eiche                       Ice Power                    Critical+ XL
00E3:   Bamboo                      Lightning Power              Critical+ XXL
00E4:   Iron Tree                   Earth Power                  Evade+ S
00E5:   Diamond Tree                Holy Power                   Evade+ M
00E6:   Rubber Tree                 Healing Power                Evade+ L
00E7:   World Tree Twig             Recovery Aura                Evade+ XL
00E8:   Fairy World Tree            Wound Healing                Evade+ XXL
00E9:   Puniball                    Wake Up                      Hit+ S
00EA:   Audra's Tail                Source of Life               Hit+ M
00EB:   Dead Beast                  Cure-All                     Hit+ L
00EC:   Pendelook                   Healing Essence              Hit+ XL
00ED:   Isle Amber                  Fortified Fiber              Hit+ XXL
00EE:   Mandra Root                 Rainbow Power                Guts S
00EF:   Dragon Meat                 Heat Guard                   Guts M
00F0:   Dragon Tusk                 Wyvern Power                 Guts L
00F1:   Dragon Scale                Sacred Power                 Guts XL
00F2:   Behemoth Heart              Burnt Effect                 Guts XXL
00F3:   Spirit Pyroxene             Clever Heal                  Resist S
00F4:   Unicorn Horn                Good Harvest                 Resist M
00F5:   Lizard Tail                 Spirit of Fire               Resist L
00F6:   Old Armor                   Spirit of Ice                Resist XL
00F7:   Mane                        Spirit of Wind               Resist XXL
00F8:   Devil Horn                  Spirit of Earth              Block S
00F9:   Wyvern Claw                 Black Element                Block M
00FA:   Holy Tree Leaf              Endure Heat                  Block L
00FB:   Bird Wing                   Royal Style                  Block XL
00FC:   Venom Gland                 Big Vitality                 Block XXL
00FD:   Globe Sphere                Airy                         Resist Poison
00FE:   Fluffy Fur                  Fairy's Prayer               Resist Sleep
00FF:   Something Burnt             Diamond Light                Resist Curse
0100:   Medicne Thread              Melt                         Resist Slow
0101:   Shell Fossil                None?                        Resist Blind
0102:   Mountain Pearl              None?                        Resist Death
0103:   Beast Stone                 None?                        Null Aliments
0104:   Goat Horn                   HP+?                         Fire Damage+
0105:   Fertilizer                  MP+?                         Ice Damage+
0106:   Water                       None?                        Lightning Damage+

There are way more than listed
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