Assault Suit Leynos

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  • All Weapons
Do not collect any bonus weapons or destroy anything except the ship at the end of the first level. Your score after the level is completed should be more than 2,800 points.
  • Control the Logo
Press A + C + (Left or Right) on the second controller at the logo screen. Use the D-pad, A, and C to change the size and rotation of the logo.
  • Invincibility
Durind the game press Start on controller two and you should be invincible.
  • Nine Lives
Begin playing the game and get past level 2. After it's over, enter the options screen and press Start. A woman will appear and say ''Continue Up'' to confirm correct code entry. This may be repeated at any time if your lives have dropped below three.
  • Two Players
Wait until the first green alien appears on the right side of the screen in the first level. Press Start on controller two. One player can control the normal robot while the other player controls the enemy robot.
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