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final kaoss

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1 9WET-AGSG + XLET-AAHJ Start with 100 lives
2 9WET-AGSG + R0ET-AAHJ Start with 75 lives
3 9WET-AGSG + LCET-AAHJ Start with 50 lives
4 9WET-AGSG + E0ET-AAHJ Start with 25 lives
5 9WET-AGSG + ECET-AAHJ Start with 20 lives
6 9WET-AGSG + C0ET-AAHJ Start with 15 lives
7 9WET-AGSG + CCET-AAHJ Start with 10 lives
8 9WET-AGSG + ALET-AAHJ Start with 2 lives
9 9WET-AGSG + AGET-AAHJ Start with 1 life
10 RFLT-A6WA Infinite lives
11 ALGA-AA36 Invincibility
12 CCWT-AAGR Start with 16 arrow force shots
13 BWWT-AAGR Start with 12 arrow force shots
14 BCWT-AAGR Start with 8 arrow force shots
15 A4WT-AAGR Start with 6 arrow force shots
16 ALWT-AAGR Start with 2 arrow force shots
17 AGWT-AAGR Start with 1 arrow force shots
18 ACWT-AAGR Start with no arrow force shots
19 R07A-A6VT Infinite arrow force shots
20 CG7A-BJV8 Robot arrow flash lasts 2x
as long as normal
21 CG7A-BNV8 Robot arrow flash lasts 3x
as long as normal
22 CG7A-BTV8 Robot arrow flash lasts 4x
as long as normal
23 CG7A-B2V8 Robot arrow flash lasts 6x
as long as normal
24 CG7A-BAV8 Robot arrow flash lasts 8x
as long as normal
25 AJCA-AAB2 Start on stage 2
26 ANCA-AAB2 Start on stage 3
27 ATCA-AAB2 Start on stage 4
28 AYCA-AAB2 Start on stage 5
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