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Firing Ultimate Weapons​

Equip the Ultimate Weapon, then hold Triangle using the default control configuration. It takes some time for the weapon to get setup. The Critical Power attribute of your generator determines how quickly the weapon charges. As soon as you have begun equipping the weapon, a bar will appear at the top of the screen and quickly decrease. When that bar is empty, you will no longer be able to use the Ultimate Weapon. To fire the weapon, hold R2 until a ring forms around your firing reticule. When that ring is complete, the Ultimate Weapon will fire. Depending on how quickly the weapon equips and how fast you can charge the weapon up, you might be able to fire the weapon again before it goes offline.

Increasing Mercenary Rank​

Mercenary Rank is based entirely on your income. If you go in a mission, do not shoot anything, and do not get damaged, you will get a higher income and consequently a higher Mercenary Rank. Create an AC with a very low repair cost (using Junk Parts), and use it in such a manner.

Increasing Team's Rating​

First, get a territory. Afterwards, execute attack runs on other territories or play defense missions. Start Mission Invasion and Start Mission Stronghold (recommended) both work well.

Increasing Territory Rating​

Territory points are earned by repelling invasions from other teams. Non-Conquest Invasion missions will degrade the AP of randomly selected enemy territories (displayed as the meter on the right of your territory list, if you own them). When it reaches zero, that territory to revert back to CPU control if the owner does not increase the AP (by defending it) within a certain time period.

Stronghold missions will raise your Territory Rating (both conquest and normal). Your Territory Rating will also increase if the defenses you set up destroy enemies that invade the territory, however this is basically random. Regular Invasions will give you Team Points and damage other teams territories so that they will defend them, although which territory gets damaged is also random.

Secret Trophies​

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock
Air Master (Bronze)Awarded for destroying Raijin.
Blackbird (Bronze)Awarded for destroying Exusia.
Earth Master (Bronze)Awarded for destroying Type D No. 5.
Giant Killing (Bronze)Awarded for destroying LLL.
MoH (Bronze)Awarded for wiping out MoH.
Sea Master (Bronze)Awarded for destroying St Elmo.
Zodiac (Silver)Awarded for destroying all Zodiac members.

Team lobby color indicators​

The background color of your team members in the main team lobby indicates various statuses (what they are doing and their connection status).

Red: Out on a mission.
Flashing red: Forming a unit to go on a mission.
Blue: Network issue may make connecting to other players difficult.
Purple: Out on a mission and network issue.
Yellow: Slow network connection.

Various Trophies​

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock
A Job Well Done (Bronze)Awarded for successfully completing a job as a mercenary.
AC Wrecker (Bronze)Awarded for winning a battle against an AC. Any type of mission counts.
Accomplish Territory Mission (Bronze)Awarded for claiming victory on a Territory Mission.
Assembler (Bronze)Awarded for assembling an AC in a workshop.
Big Bird (Platinum)Awarded for getting all trophies.
Charge Master (Bronze)Awarded for destroying an enemy with a boost charge. Any type of enemy counts.
Color Customizer (Bronze)Awarded for setting an AC's coloring in a workshop.
Communicator (Bronze)Awarded for editing a message from the team member list.
Complete Custom Part (Bronze)Awarded for continuing to use an arm unit to maximize its performance.
Complete Order Missions (Bronze)Awarded for completing all Order Missions.
Complete Story Missions (Silver)Awarded for completing all Story Missions.
Conquest Mission Sortie (Bronze)Awarded for going on a Conquest Mission.
Conquest Mission Victory (Bronze)Awarded for claiming victory on a Conquest Mission.
Customize Territory (Bronze)Awarded for acquiring territory and placing gun batteries.
Emblem Designer (Bronze)Awarded for editing an emblem in a workshop.
Emblem Master (Bronze)Awarded for getting all emblems and emblem pieces by buying them at the shop and/or destroying ACs. (Excludes downloadable emblems.)
Mercenary (Bronze)Awarded for accepting and going on a job as a mercenary.
Migrant (Bronze)Awarded for raising your money to 10 million Au or more.
Operator (Bronze)Awarded for leading your team to victory on a Conquest Mission or Territory Mission.
Order Mission (Bronze)Awarded for completing at least one Order Mission.
Overlord (Bronze)Awarded for holding ten different territories at the same time.
Perfect Mission (Bronze)Awarded for completing emergency Territory/Conquest Mission w/four or more members, all surviving.
Rookie (Bronze)Awarded for joining a team.
Ruler (Gold)Awarded for holding one territory in all areas at the same time.
Story 00 (Bronze)Awarded for completing Story Mission 00.
Story 01 (Bronze)Awarded for completing Story Mission 01.
Story 02 (Bronze)Awarded for completing Story Mission 02.
Story 03 (Bronze)Awarded for completing Story Mission 03.
Story 04 (Bronze)Awarded for completing Story Mission 04.
Story 05 (Bronze)Awarded for completing Story Mission 05.
Story 06 (Bronze)Awarded for completing Story Mission 06.
Story 07 (Bronze)Awarded for completing Story Mission 07.
Story 08 (Bronze)Awarded for completing Story Mission 08.
Story 09 (Bronze)Awarded for completing Story Mission 09.
Story Master (Gold)Awarded for completing all Story Missions with Rank S.
Subquest Master (Gold)Awarded for completing all Story Mission and Order Mission subquests.
Subquests 30% (Bronze)Awarded for completing 30% of all Story Mission and Order Mission subquests.
Subquests 50% (Bronze)Awarded for completing 50% of all Story Mission and Order Mission subquests.
Team Level 10 (Bronze)Awarded for raising the team level of your team to 10 or higher.
Team Level 50 (Silver)Awarded for raising the team level of your team to 50 or higher.
Team Sortie (Bronze)Awarded for going on a Conquest Mission or Territory Mission with four or more team members.
Territorial Claim (Silver)Awarded for claiming victory and taking territory on a Conquest Mission.
Territory Mission Sortie (Bronze)Awarded for going on a Territory Mission.
Territory Mission Victory (Silver)Awarded for claiming victory on a Territory Mission in an emergency state.
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