Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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Bonus Clip​

From disc one's [Special Features], move the cursor to [Episode Commentaries], then press
to highlight Carl's medallion. Press [Enter] to see a clip of Frylock talking to a "GIRL" on the internet.​

Short Clips​

From disc two's [Main Menu], move the cursor
from [Play] to highlight Frylock's eyes. Press [Enter] to see a clip of MasterShake and Meatwad talking to Carl. From disc two's [Main Menu], move the cursor
from [Play] to highlight Master Shakes straw. Press [Enter] to see a clip of Meatwad trying to help the leprechauns.​

Short Film "Assisted Living Dracula"​

From disc two's [Episode Selection], move the cursor to the [Revenge of the Mooninites] episode and press [Up], highlighting the numbers 103 above the door. Press [Enter] to see the short film "Assisted Living Dracula".
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