Apple’s AirPower charging mat delayed until fall due to “technical hurdles”

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Enlarge / "AirPower" wireless charging mat.

Alongside the debut of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 handsets, Apple talked about a wireless charging mat it would debut to complement those new devices. But the company has been incredibly quiet about the mat, dubbed AirPower, ever since.
According to a report from Bloomberg, "technical hurdles" have delayed the launch of the AirPower wireless charging mat. The device was slated to be released in June 2018, but it will now likely be released either before or in September of this year.
Apple has had to address issues regarding overheating and the "complexity of the circuitry" within the mat. The device will be designed to wirelessly charge up to three devices at once; compatible products include the iPhone X, iPhone 8 models, Apple Watch Series 3 devices, and AirPod earbuds once their rumored wireless charging case comes out.

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