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Easy Pass​

When you are racing try to get on the side where there are no cars or like one car, and burn some rubber. It is guaranteed it will work if you do it right. Make sure to go on the side where there is only like one car so you have space to get speed without crashing.

Fixing Save Glitch​

If you are having trouble with a saved game, please try this method, which requires a memory card.

1. Go to the Xbox dashboard (open the tray) and copy your Apex files to the memory-card (savegame and setup)
2. Delete the files on the xbox.
3. Reboot the xbox without a disc.
4. Copy the files back to the xbox.
5. Apex should work now.

Get All Concept cars​

Pick Dream Mode and start a new game and put in DREAMY as a brand name.

Get All Production cars​

Pick Dream Mode and start a new game and put in REALITY as a brand name.

Get All Tracks & Circuits​

Pick Dream Mode and start a new game and put in WORLD as a brand name.

How to unlock Turbo​

At the loading screen hold R and press Up, Down, Left, Right.

Restore Production​

Always check your factory between races. If production is slow you need more wins. If you can't compete in the current class drop down to a lower class to restore production.

The Perfect Way To Spend Your Production Points​

Right when you start, but the 1st car that pops up. If you have enough points to buy a second car, Don't do it right at that second. Wait for a couple more races, then you should buy the Zellion. Then if you have enough for a 3rd car... DON'T BUY IT! you only need 2 from every 4 of the categories. (Roadster, Sport car,etc.) (If you have 2 cars, you'll be getting at lest half more cars sold than you did with!)
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