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Sorry guys,
I am going insane, I have been trying to create a boot disk for the last 7 hours. I have not been having much luck with google in that time and I'm about to throw the dreamcast through the window.

I just bought my 1st DC. Been wanting one for years!
Bought a PAL-E version. There is no manufacture date on the bottom. It does have the '1' in a circle on the bottom though.
No games came with the console so I cant even try to play any to make sure it works.
I have just came home from Japan and while i was there visited the 'Super Potato' stores and bought myself an NTSF-J copy of dead or alive 2.

I have now spent all day burning different versions on utopia, e-gscdx & CDX.
During these trials I have used DiscJuggler, Nero & Alcohol. I have even been cdi2nero in an attempt to find some type of combination of things that will get it working.
I have burnt using the image setting everytime, I have even tried TAO & DAO when i was utilizing cdi2nero.

I am out of ideas on what is going wrong now. I have tried so many tutorials and scanned so many forums trying to find out what I am doing wrong.

Everytime the DC starts up it goes into the music player. It will show the disc spinning with a 6 second track showing. The track wont play though.

I have put music cds into the Dreamcast and they dont recognise though.

When I put the NTSC-J copy of dead or alive into the DC nothing happens though.

Any clues on what I am doing wrong?

I am now worried that there is something wrong with the DC i have purchased.

Cheers guys
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