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Best Morphs
The best morphs are:

Tiger (very strong)
Lion (a bit weaker than the tiger)
Cheetah (good at dodging)
Elephant (strong punch attack)
Wolf (good against the lion but weak to kangaroo)
Hippo (like the elephant but can swim)
Orca (like the hippo)
Seagull (weak but can fly and dodge well)
Level Code


Skip the Walrus (Mission 3)
In Mission 3, you are normally required to get the Walrus morph, and in doing so can enter the water on the boat in order to reach the Dolphin. However, if you stand on the right edge of the pool where the Dolphin is, and it happens to run next to you on the edge of the pool, because of its poor hitbox, you can engage in battle with the Dolphin. (Note that however the Dolphin's movement is still random so it might take some waiting.)
Various Passwords
Enter these passwords to start at the location indicated.

#=jdgBqg HFKdT2hwMission 4.
146f-$sF bTVfBNlvMission 2.
8tDg9m (cent)nDl9MqbFinal Boss.
MbNCy1K= 5r4CR65/Mission 3.
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