Amazing Spider-Man, The (PlayStation 3)

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Comic Books​

Unlock and read full issues of Spider-Man comics by collecting pages around Manhattan.

ComicHow to unlock
1st Black Cat125 Pages
1st Gwen Stacy350 Pages
1st Iguana250 Pages
1st Lizard15 Pages
1st Rhino50 Pages
1st Scorpion80 Pages
1st Smythe500 Pages
1st Spider-Man5 Pages
Modern Lizard30 Pages
Vs. Vermin175 Pages


CostumeHow to unlock
Big Time SuitIn Times Square behind the red bleachers, on the glass.
Classic Black SuitUnder the Gazebo in the narrow park, left of the main Oscorp Building downtown.
Classic Spider-man CostumeUnlocks with the activation of the Rhino Challenge DLC
Future Foundation SuitBehind the gas station store in a small alley. One block right of north bridge
Negative Zone SuitOn top of Beenox building, second building inward from Brooklyn Bridge.
Scarlet Spider (2012) CostumeYou need the camera to unlock this costume. Go to Central Park and from the fountain move north away from it until you see a bridge.

Various Trophies​

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock
A Dash of Spider (Bronze)Complete all XTreme Race challenges.
All Tied Up (Silver)Defeat 100 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns.
Amazing Spider-Man (Bronze)Unlock all concept art.
Call Interrupted (Bronze)Destroy a Seeker before it can call a Hunter.
Car Hopper (Bronze)Clear all car chases.
Clean Victory (Silver)Defeat a Hunter without using your Web-Shooters.
Corporate (Bronze)Collect all Oscorp Manuals.
Does everything a spider can! (Platinum)Unlock all Trophies.
FYI I'm Spider-Man (Bronze)Perform 25 Signature Moves.
Friendly Neighbor (Bronze)Save a hostage caught in a petty crime.
Gladiator (Bronze)Complete all Oscorp Secret Research Labs.
Haymaker (Bronze)Perform a Web-Rush punch.
Heavyweight Champion (Gold)Defeat 1000 enemies.
I'm on a Roll! (Silver)Achieve a combo streak of 42.
Journalist (Bronze)Collect all audio evidence.
Keep It Together (Bronze)Immobilize 6 enemies simultaneously with web.
Librarian (Bronze)Collect all magazines.
Lightweight Champion (Bronze)Defeat 100 enemies.
Middleweight Champion (Silver)Defeat 500 enemies.
Negotiator (Bronze)Resolve all police deadlocks.
On the Fly (Bronze)Collect all 700 Spider-Man Comic Pages.
Peace of Mind (Bronze)Return all escapees to the police.
Peter Parker (Bronze)Complete the game on human difficulty.
Sanitized (Bronze)Rescue all infected civilians.
Sky Captain (Bronze)Chain 10 Web-Rushes in the city.
Spider-Man (Gold)Complete the game on super hero difficulty.
Stick to the Plan (Bronze)Defeat 50 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns.
Tech Savvy (Bronze)Collect all hidden Tech Pieces.
The Camera Loves You (Bronze)Complete all XTreme Video challenges.
The Sky Is the Limit (Silver)Defeat the S-01 without touching the ground.
Ultimate Spider-Man (Bronze)Acquire all upgrades.
Vigilante (Silver)Complete the game on hero difficulty.
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