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Regarding the lag when opening maps: this is because 0.2.x added a lot of extra tests to avoid bugs, and if you're sure you don't need them, 0.1.0 actually works perfectly fine and is more efficient.

Regarding 0.1.4: It runs fine on my local steam version, haven't tested it in multiplayer.

If you encounter problems please attach the UE4SS.log from the game directory this will make it easier to figure out what's wrong.


You need to install GitHub - UE4SS-RE/RE-UE4SS: Injectable LUA scripting system, SDK generator, live property editor and other dumping utilities for UE4/5 games

Normally, you should install this version and put it inside "X:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Palworld\Pal\Binaries\Win64" if you're using steam. Or, double check if there is a Palworld-Win64-Shipping.exe when you install the UE4SS and the mod.

UE4SS was recently updated to 3.0, This mod is working under 3.0. But, if you have recently upgraded UE4SS, please remember to remove the old xinput_whatever.dll to avoid conflict.

Then extract the mod into the Mods directory, which should look like

- Mods
- AlwaysFastTravel
- enabled.txt
- Scripts
- main.lua

It overloads "Can Fast Travel" in WBP_Map_Base and "CanFastTravel" in WBP_Map_Body.

Thanks @Shredu2bits for clarifying, this mod will allow you to use fast travel everywhere in the game, but it will not unlock the travel points for you for now.

Also, it seems like a lot of people are experiencing crashes when turned on, you can try turning off bUseUObjectArrayCache in UE4SS-settings.ini, and/or try using this version below:

----- Game Tweak ------
A number of people have responded that this mod is not compatible with game tweaks. Unfortunately I can't figure out what exactly is causing this.
Because at least in my local game they work together so I cannot reproduce. Also, in its default configuration this mod doesn't change anything that game tweaks changes, except that they both register callback functions in /Script/Engine.PlayerController:ClientRestart.
But that shouldn't cause problems, at least as far as I understand it.

About the version:
0.1 is most simple with no extra checks. As many mentioned, it causes bug if you travel inside dungeon or flying. But that can be solved by restart the game.
If you don't need those features, you may stay with v0.1.
The added checks will run checklist when opening the map, so that slows down the map opening.

----- Features & Key bingdings -----

Features can be turn on and off in the beginning of the main.lua for this mod, incuding the added safe/verysafe mode and fastmove, which I change the default setting to disable in this version.
Also if you encounter keys collision with other mods, you can also change that settings.

ALT+S Apply the map hooking on safe or verysafe mode.

ALT+J Esacpe from dungeon

ALT+Z Turn on Fast Move mode, to set everything back, you can go back to title and join again

ALT+U Activate all fast travel point, but this action does **NOT** add them to the map, so you still need to move close to them to use it.

----- Changelogs -----
Changelog v0.2.6
* :: Wrong version was uploaded yesterday

Changelog v0.2.5
* :: Optimized the PalUtility logic
Hopefully it works

Changelog v0.2.4
* :: Removed move.lua
It seems that it causes problem when loading this file, I moved its content to the main.lua

Changelog v0.2.3
* :: Fast Movement on Riding
Now Alt+Z changes the speed of the current controlled character, instead of the player.

Changelog v0.2.2
* :: Fixed Dungeon Judgement
Use IsInStage to determine if currently in any dungeon, instead of existance of a dungeon exit.

Changelog v0.2.1
* :: Disabled Fast movement by default
In case you're using game tweak, you can enable it by turning fast mode to true

* :: Limited Fast Travel
Now you can only fast travel if you movement mode is walking, this prevents you from
fast travel when you're flying, which many reports cause bug in the bug.
You can change this setting by chaning allowtravelmodes

Changelog v0.2
* :: Added safemode and verysafemode
Both modes were added due to complaints received about the game crashing. I'm not quite sure if they help, but my understanding is that the UE4SS hook is causing these issues.
In safemode, the mod only registers the hook after pressing Alt+S for the first time, meaning that the mod doesn't work while reading the file.
In verysafemode the mod never registers the hook, which means that every time you open the map you need to manually press Alt+S to unlock the teleport point, which I think should provide better stability.

* :: Disable fast travel in dungeons
Fast traveling in dungeons can cause problems, add this switch to disable it in dungeons

* :: Fast movement
Due to the limitations of the game and UE4SS, it may be easier to edit the archive if you want to unlock teleportation points.
This feature can drastically increase your machine power so you can run the map yourself to unlock teleportation points.
Please note that jumping higher means you are more likely to die from the fall!

* :: Dungeon Runaway
This function opens a dialog box to leave the dungeon, please note that this function has not been tested a lot, because I was unlucky not to encounter so many dungeons.
What I know must be a problem is that if you're already dead, don't use this shortcut, it'll get stuck respawning.

* :: Unlock all fast travel
Unlock all fast travel. But it's only unlocked, you can't use them until you actually pass them in the world. This is because unlocking icons on the map and unlocking fast travel (by pressing F) itself are two separate actions in this game; the former requires you to actually pass through these fast teleports for them to be recorded on your map. This feature will only do the latter.
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