Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars

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  • Miscellaneous Tips
While the graphics are identical in the repeated rounds, the game play is not. The special Stars and special items found in the first seven rounds may show up in different places-or not at all the second time around.

Also, there will be more enemies that you will need to get by. Therefore, you will need to be more cautious in rounds eight through fourteen and conserve your life meter.

The game has a continue feature that can be used throughout the entire game. Those of you looking for a little more challenge might try limiting yourselves to three continues!
  • Playing Tips
You'll be a rising star with these playing tips.

Rounds 1 & 8: Toy world
If you walk on the ground (instead of using the trolley line), you will save time and life. Try to keep the Jump Star as it will help you get through the round!

To Get Past the Giant Teddy Bear:
Time your jumps on the spring blocks to avoid the notes.

Rounds 2 & 9: Machine world
Be careful in timing your jumps. One wrong jump, and you could die.

To Get Past the Electricity Bars:
Study their pattern, then jump when they are turned off.

Rounds 3 & 10: World of Make Believe
Try to stay on top of the pods. It saves life and time.

To Get Past the Jumping Faces:
Try to have the Jump Star and when they land, jump over them.

Rounds 4 & 11: Water World
Use the Cloud shots sparingly in these rounds, because the special star "S" seldom shows up. Try to stay at the top or bottom of the screen because most of the enemies are in the middle.

To Get Past the Jellyfish:
Stay at the top of the screen and try to avoid them.

Rounds 5 & 12: Monster World
Just before the cave, when you are on the floating blocks, let them carry you to the top. Then, jump from them to the top of the cave.

To Get Past the Volcano:
Run and jump over it.

Rounds 6 & 13: Giant's Body
Timing is everything in this round!

Rounds 7 & 14: The Shrine of Jiggarat
Avoid the enemies, instead of shooting them. Keep in mind that you can jump longer and higher now.

To Get Past Jiggarat:
When you see Jiggarat, immediately run past him. If you try to fight him, you will be most likely be unsuccessful!
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