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Level passwords​

Level Name Password

2 The Desert 1008
3 Agrabah Rooftops 2018
4 Sultan's Dungeon 3028
5 Cave of Wonders 4038
6 The Escape 5048
7 Rug Ride 6058
8 Sultan's Palace 7068
9 Jafar's Palace 8078
10 The End 9088

Level Select​

To advance to upper levels, type these codes:

1: 120Z
2: 221Z or 2119
3: 322Z
4: 423Z or 433B
5: 5149
6: 6159
7: 736B
8: 8179 or 827Z

Note: Some of the secondary codes work only after you've completed the levels below it, but I have used all of the above codes as I am completing the game. What a hoot!
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