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Various Achievements​

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
BFF ( 10 points )Visit any player's capital city.
City Defender ( 15 points )Complete "Defend Mycenae!" with premium Greek content.
Conqueror ( 15 points )Complete "Horsing Around" with premium Greek content.
Do or Do Not... ( 40 points )Complete "Left with No Choice" with premium content.
Egyptian General ( 30 points )Achieve level 20 with premium Egyptian content.
Egyptian God ( 100 points )Achieve level 40 with premium Egyptian content.
Egyptian Pharaoh ( 50 points )Achieve level 30 with premium Egyptian content.
Egyptian Prince ( 20 points )Achieve level 10 with premium Egyptian content.
Fear the Gear ( 15 points )Equip your first piece of gear.
GG Noob ( 50 points )Win a Ranked player vs. player game.
Greek God ( 100 points )Achieve level 40 with premium Greek content.
Greek King ( 50 points )Achieve level 30 with premium Greek content.
Greek Polemarch ( 20 points )Achieve level 10 with premium Greek content.
Greek Strategos ( 30 points )Achieve level 20 with premium Greek content.
Green Thumb ( 15 points )Complete "It's The Final Farm Down" with premium Greek content.
Hold Me ( 10 points )Complete any Co-op quest.
I HAS A HORSEY ( 40 points )Build the Trojan Horse in your Capital City.
I'm Special ( 30 points )Complete any Elite quest.
Lord of the Nile ( 15 points )Complete "Fall of Nubia" with premium Egyptian content.
Pyramid Power ( 40 points )Build the Large Pyramid, Large Step Pyramid, and Small Step Pyramid in your Capital City.
Raging Rusher ( 15 points )Complete "Master of Faster!" with premium Egyptian content.
Sandbiscuit ( 15 points )Complete "The Ultimate Camel Gauntlet Test" with premium Egyptian content.
Sphere of Influence ( 25 points )Complete a quest accepted from any other player's Ambassador.
Sphinxed! ( 40 points )Build the Sphinx in your Capital City.
Ssssssssh! ( 40 points )Build the Library in your Capital City.
The Cook is In the Kitchen ( 40 points )Complete "Breaking Eggs to Make an Omelet" with premium content.
The Preacher ( 15 points )Complete "Spread the Word" with premium Greek content.
The Son's Destiny ( 15 points )Complete "Vizier's Doom" with premium Egyptian content.
This. Is. Spartaaaaaaaaaan! ( 40 points )Build the Spartan Academy in your Capital City.
Tomb Dweller ( 40 points )Build the Tomb in your Capital City.
You Complete Me ( 20 points )Complete "You Complete Me" with premium content.
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