After a five-month delay, the $2,000 Galaxy Fold arrives in the US on Friday [Updated]

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    The (new and improved) Galaxy Fold. [credit: Samsung ]

Update 2:28pm ET September 24, 2019: The Verge unboxed a newly retail-ready Galaxy Fold, and one of the perks is a one-time out-of-warranty screen replacement for $149 for users who purchase a Fold in 2019. Considering Samsung charges $269 to replace the screen on a Galaxy S10+, there's a good chance the company is losing money anytime someone takes this screen replacement deal. The price for the cutting-edge 7.3-inch folding OLED smartphone display is probably astronomical.
Anyone buying a Galaxy Fold is probably worried about the phone's well-cataloged durability issues. Is knowing you'll get a discounted screen replacement enough to help you take the plunge?
Original Story: The Galaxy Fold is finally launching in the United States this Friday. After a launch failure the company CEO called "embarrassing," Samsung's futuristic foldable smartphone will come to the US after a five-month delay. The company made the news official in a press release today.

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