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Adventures of Lolo


Adventures of Lolo (tm)

HAL American Inc.


The story

To save the country of Eden from the Great Devil's destruction the King of
Eden dispatched Princess LALA to seek help. Prince LOLO was requested to
accompany LALA back to Eden. On the way back The Great Devil kidnapped LALA
right in front of LOLO.

To save Eden and rescue LALA, Prince LOLO went to the Devil's Haunted Castle.
LOLO is not blessed with strength or agility but possesses great courage, high
IQ and a lot of patience. Can LOLO save LALA after solving an almost endless
series of mazes?


How to use the controller

Control pad: Used to move LOLO around.
A button: Used to use MAGIC SHOTS or POWER OPTIONS.
Select: Used to give up the game.

When you come to a deadlock or notice wrong actions halfway, press Select.
The game is given up, but you can challenge it again.


How to play the game

1. Game Start
Press the Start button when the Title Screen appears. The words Start and
Password will be shown.
If you are playing the game for the first time, press the Start button one
more time and the game will begin. From the second game onward, move Lolo to
Password with the control pad and press the Start button. When this is done,
you may continue the game from the room you last completed.

2. Taking Heart Framers
Take the Heart Framers by moving Lolo. Many monsters will block Lolo's way.
Confine them using the Emerald Framers, Magic Shots and Power Options.

3. Clearing of a Room
When Lolo takes all the Heart Framers on the screen, a chest will open con-
taining a Jewel. Removing the Jewel clears the room. The Castle has Trees,
Rocks, Flower Beds, Rivers and Deserts.



1. Heart Framers
Heart-marked blocks represent Heart Framers. When all Heart Framers in the
room are taken, the Chest opens showing a Jewel. The Heart Framers protect
Lolo from Monsters' attacks (Medusa's menacing gaze or flame-throwing Gol).
It cannot be moved.

2. Special Heart Framers
Special Heart Framers are identical to regular Heart Framers in appearance, but
have a hidden infinite power. By taking one, you can gain two Magic Shots.

3. Emerald Framers
The green Emerald Framers can be moved by pushing them. Like Heart Framers,
Emerald Framers can protect Lolo from Monsters' attacks and can confine them.

4. One-Way Passes
Lolo cannot pass over the Arrow mark in reverse direction, but can enter
through its side. Lolo can pass over the Arrow pushing an Emerald Framer or
an Egg. The direction of the Arrow can be changed using Power. Monsters move
in any direction regardless of the One-Way Pass.



1. Flower Beds
Lolo can seek safety from the Monsters in the Flower Beds, but they will wait
and pounce on Lolo when he leaves the Flower Beds.

2. Deserts
Lolo can enter Deserts freely, but his walking speed will be cut in half.

3. Lava
Eggs can not be floated over Lava. Lolo can pass over it using Power of a
Bridge. He must hurry, or the Bridge may burn down from the heat.

4. Bridges
Lolo and the Monsters may cross Bridges at any time.

5. Trees
Lolo or active Monsters cannot pass through the trees. Neither can a Magic
shot, but some Monsters' attacks can go through the trees.

6. Rocks
Neither Magic Shots, Monsters' attacks, Lolo nor active Monsters can pass
through a rock, but you can destroy the rock by using the power of the Hammer.

7. Rivers
Lolo is able to keep Eggs afloat and ride them on the water. If the current
is flowing, then Lolo will be able to cross the river. However, if the
current is not flowing, he will sink on the spot.


Magic Shots

Magic Shots become available when certain Heart Framers are taken. A Monster
hit with a Magic Shot turns into an Egg. The Egg can be pushed around, but it
will revert back to a Monster after some time. When shot with a second Magic
shot, an Egg flies out of the screen and will not return for a while. After
some time, it will reappear in the form of the Monster at its original posit-
ion. The Egg may be floated to enable Lolo to cross rivers. Current flows
only in specific directions. If there is no current flow, the Egg will sink
and Lolo will be lost if he is on board.



When one of the marks shown below appears on the display, the indicated power
may be used, but only after a Heart Framer has been taken. Magic Shots are
not available when Power is used.

A Bridge can be spanned by facing Lolo toward narrow rivers and pressing
Button A.

One-War Passes
The direction of a One-Way Pass can be changed by pressing Button A with Lolo
facing the arrow.

A hampering rock can be destroyed by using a Hammer. Press Button A with Lolo
facing the rock.



The hero of the game. A brave prince who fights monsters.

A lovely harmless monster.

Leeper will fall asleep after a head-on collision

When faced with Lolo, he will dash forward to pin him down.

Gol awakes when all Heart Framers are taken, and discharges a flame when Lolo
passes in front of him.

When coming to Lolo's side, he will roll and dash against Lolo.

When all Heart Framers are taken, Skull will awaken and being chasing Lolo.

When Lolo comes near, he will throw the Evil Eye.

Don Medusa
He throws a sword around him and moves within a limited range.


Game Over & Continue

Game Over
If any of the following occurs, one Lolo will be lost from the number of
remaining Lolos displayed at the screen's upper right corner.
1. When caught by Monsters Skull or Alma.
2. When attacked by Monsters Don Medusa, Medusa or Gol.
3. When lost in water or lava.
4. When you give up by pressing the Select button.
The game is over when all Lolos are lost.

To Continue
When you come to Game Over, the screen will display the Password. If you would
like to continue the game from where you left off, press the Start button. The
game will return to the Title screen. Press the Start button one more time.
The words Start and Continue will appear. Press the Start button. You are now
able to continue the game from where you last left off.
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