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Adventures of Lolo 3

ADVENTURES OF LOLO 3 (Hal America Inc.)

Instruction Booklet

Care of Your Game

1) Playing a video game is supposed to be fun, not a test of endurance. If
you play for a long time, try to take a break each hour.

2) This is a precision Game Pak. Do not store it under conditions of extreme
temperature, or subject it to rough handling or shock. Do not try to take
your Game Pak apart.

3) Don't touch the terminals or let them get wet.

4) Don't clean this equipment with volatile solvents such as thinner, benzene,
or alcohol.

This game is licensed by Nintendo for play on the Nintendo Entertainment

(Picture of the "Official Nintendo Seal of Quality")
This Official Seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product
and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability
and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and
accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment

For purchasing this Hal America Nintendo Game Pak, The Adventures of Lolo 3.
Before you start playing, please read the instruction booklet carefully and
follow the correct procedures, then save it for future reference.

Lolo, Lala and their friends have lived peacefully for many years, ever since
the defeat of the Great Devil (in The Adventures of Lolo 2). But suddenly
his son and heir, the new King of Eggerland, launched a hollow capsule filled
with a strange potion that turns the inhabitants of Lolo and Lala's tiny
kingdom to stone. Only Lolo and Lala, basking in the sun at the edge of the
lake between the two kingdoms, were spared this horrible fate. Brave in the
face of adversity, our hero and heroine set out together to defeat the evil
King and cast off his spell. Only you can help our brave pair now...

SELECT Button - Start a room over.
START Button - Once to return to main map, twice for password.
CONTROL PAD - Used to move Lolo or Lala.
A Button - Controls Magic Shots and Powers

Screens have different details in different sections, but the essentials are
always recognizeable. In the Underwater sections Trees become clumps of
seaweed, Rocks take on a different appearance, and the outer walls of each
puzzle take on a different look, but you should be able to tell quickly what's

The rightmost area of the screen (from up to bottom):
Level #, Room #, Number of Magic Shots, Power Display.

Here's a shot of hero and heroine Lolo and Lala, setting out on their journey.
You can play as either Lolo or Lala, and change back and forth whenever you
want. Press the A Button when they're both on the main map, and they'll
trade places.

When the game is turned on, the opening screen will be displayed. If you
don't push any buttons, an animation of the story line will be played out.
After it has cycled through, push the START Button twice and the game will
start. The basic idea of the game is very simple - protect yourself from
enemies, take all the Hearts, the Jewel Box opens, you take the Jewel, and go
to the next room. Sounds simple, but it will get complicated quickly! Read
this manual, keep track of your passwords, and learn what you can from Lolo's
Grandpa and you'll be a Lolo champion in no time!

The password feature in Lolo games makes it possible to continue the game from
the puzzle you were working on, rather than starting over each time you play.
Any time you want to shut off your NES, be sure to write down your password!

When you're in a puzzle, pushing the Start Button once will put you on the
main map, and once more will give you your password. Write it down and don't
lose it!

To enter a password, move the cursor to the correct letters with the Control
Pad and enter them with the A Button. If you make a mistake, the B Button can
be used to back up the cursor.

If this is your first Lolo game, or if you just want a refresher course, your
first stop should be at Grandpa's tree. There's one in this section, and one
more a little farther along. Grandpa has been defending his homeland against
the Eggerland King for years. Now too old to fight, he trains young warriors
in the methods of defense. May the patience be with you!

A flashing cursor below a line of text means there's more to the message - use
the A Button to scroll the message down. If you can't figure out a puzzle in
the Learning Tree, press select. Grandpa will give you the option of
selecting "Try again" or "Give up". If you give up, Grandpa will show you how
to do it, but you'll still have to do the room to show him you know how!

Off on our adventure! The first two levels can be done in whatever order you
want, but you'll have to get both the Rainbow Egg at the end of the first
level and the Rainbow Key at the ned of the second level before you can get
into the tower (Level 3). But, for a laugh, try going to the Tower and
waiting in front of the door - you'll get to see some old friends!

We'll introduce you to the characters and techniques of the game in the order
you'll encounter them in the game. Off we go!

HEART FRAMERS: Taking Hearts is one of the main points. Heart Framers will
protect you from attack, but they cannot be moved. Some Heart
Framers will earn Magic Shots or Powers.
(Looks like a heart within a box)

SNAKEY: Snakey keeps an eye out, turning back and forth and following the
action. He's completely harmless, but is useful as a tool. He's the
one most often turned into an Egg and moved around.
(Looks like a friendly green little dinosaur)

JEWEL BOX: Taking all the Hearts will open the Jewel Box, making it possible
to take the Jewel inside and go to the next room. You'll have to
collect all 100 Jewels to break the King's spell - good luck!
(Guess what it looks like!)

MAGIC SHOTS: Magic Shots are your main tools in solving puzzles. There are
lots of Magic Shot strategies that can help on your way. We'll
try to introduce you to some, and Grandpa can show you the rest.
(Picture of Lolo turning a monster into an egg with a Magic Shot)

TREES: There are Trees scattered everywhere on the map. Sometimes they will
protect you from characters, especially those that move, but they're
no help against Medusa, Don Medusa, and Gols. Good Luck!
(Obvious isn't it?)

ROCKS: There are rocks scattered around in lots of rooms. They will protect
you from enemy's attacks, even Medusa and Don Medusa, but unfortunately
they can't be moved. You'll have to use Framers for that.
(I'm not sure but I think it looks like a rock!)

GOL: Gol sleeps until the last Heart Framer is taken, then he awakes to shoot
a deadly flame straight ahead. Lots of times you can outrun Gols' flames
- experiment a little to find out how much room you need.
(Looks like a red dinosaur)

MEDUSA: Medusa can shoot her deadly Evil Eye in a straight line in all four
directions. She can't move, but her shots can go clear across the
room. Once she aims and fires there is no way to get out of her path.
(Looks like a grey statue)

EMERALD FRAMERS: Emerald Framers can be moved around the screen to protect you
from the attacks of some of the characters, and trap other
characters. Don't let them trap you!
(Looks like a square box)

USING FRAMERS HALF-CHARACTER: Many of the techniques used in the game can be
done using half-spaces instead of whole spaces. Sometimes
it's the clue to the whole room. Experiment!
(Picture of Lala using an Emerald Framer at half-character to get pass by a

LEEPER: Leeper bounds around until he touches Lolo, then goes to sleep and
doesn't awaken. He can be turned into an Egg as long as he's moving
about. Once he goes to sleep he's stuck where he is.
(Looks like a green dinosaur that runs everywhere!)

ALMA: Alma can be lead around to a degree by moving Lolo or Lala around, and
when she tucks into a ball, she rolls straight ahead until she bunmps
into something. Handy technique!
(Looks like a grey tatoo)

GRASS: Theres are patches of grass in lots of rooms that Lolo or Lala can use
as a temporary safe heaven. Skulls and Almas can't come on the grass,
but it won't protect you against the shooting enemies.
(It's grass)

SKULLS: Skulls will sit and stare menacingly until the last Heart Framer is
taken, then launch their attacks with teeth gnashing. They're
fearsome-looking, but you can often outrun them or shoot them into
(Looks like everybody's skull!)

ROCKY: Rocky rumbles around slowly most of the time, but when he is close he
picks up speed and moves in quickly. He can be shot into an Egg and
used as a tool, but sometimes you just have to avoid him.
(Looks like a grey big cubic monster)

ONE-WAY ARROW: Lolo can go through a One-Way Arrow in the direction it's
facing, or into either side, but not directly against it.
Enemies can usually pass through One-Way Arrows regardless of
(Look like arrows in boxes)

DON MEDUSA: Don Medusa goes in a predictable pattern. He's a boring kind of
guy, but deadly! He can shoot in all four directions, and once
he shoots there's no escape from his attack.
(Look like a big red devil)

WATER: The path to the King's Castle is littered with bodies of water
everywhere. There are lakes, ponds of still water, and rivers of
flowing water. Bridges and Eggs are the way to go, but try everything.
('s a blue plain square!)

DESERT: Lolo and Lala can go through Deserts, but their speed will be cut in
half. Try going along the edge of the deserts to save time - you can
see Grandpa do it in Grandpa Room 2-5.
(Looks like yellow sand)

CROSSING WATER: You can cross bodies of water one character-space wide
anywhere by pushing an Egg in, but in larger bodies of water
you sometimes have to search for the right spot to float your

LAVA: Some of these rooms have molten lava running through them, and it might
be a good idea to be a little wary of them! Bridges can be built across
lava beds, but they burn down quickly - don't waste any time!
(Looks like red lava!)

USING EGGS TWICE: Sometimes you will be able to use a character more than
once. Make the character into an Egg, use it quickly, then
shoot it a second time before it hatches, and you can use
it again.

If you follow all the directions and do what Grandpa tells you, you can use
your Rainbow Egg at the top of the tower at Level 3 to build this Rainbow
Bridge. The Rainbow Bridge will take you from the first part of Level 3 to
the second part. Use the lessons you've learned wisely, and press on!

You can do the Cave puzzles in levels 4, 5, 6, and 7 in any order you want,
but you have to finish all of them before you can go on to the Castle Level
8. But be sure to stop at the second Learning Tree - Grandpa has some tricks
and techniques you're going to want to know about!

When one of these Powers is displayed in the Power Display, you'll get the use
of the Power once you've taken enough Hearts. (See Grandpa Room 2-4.)

(Up Arrow) When this power is shown, the direction of one arrow can be turned
90 degrees by facing the Arrow and pushing the A Button.

(Hammer) The Hammer means you can shatter one rock. Put your nose on the Rock
you want to remove and push the A Button.

(Bridge) This means you can build a Bridge over Water or Lava. Face the spot
where you want to build your Bridge and push the A Button.

Grandpa will show you this technique in Grandpa Rooms 2-3 and 2-4. Shooting
an enemy twice will get it off the screen. Usually it will come back to its
original spot in a few seconds, but there are exceptions. In this room, Lala
has shot the Snakey once. She shoots it again and puts a Framer over the spot
where the Snakey was. A white square appears where the Snakey is going to
appear, then the Snakey shows up. If there is no Enemy Hole, and you try this
technique, you will just hear the sound of the Snakey disappearing,

Like the Cave levels above-ground, the Underwater Pyramids can be tackled in
any order. Each time you finish a level here the Final Castle will descend,
but you have to finish all four of these before it will land and you can get
on board.

MOBIES: A moby is a fish roughly the equivalent of an underwater Snakey, with
one major difference. The first time you walk past one you'll see
what the difference is! Make them Eggs to get around them.
(Looks like a whale)

BREAK TILE: A Break Tile Bridge can only be used twice. The first time you
walk over it you can see it start to crumble, then the second
time it disappears. Don't make any wasted trips over them!
(Looks like Bricks)

UNDERWORLD CASTLES: Persuing the King into the Underground, you can see him
heading into the first of the Underground Castles. You're going to have to
tackles the Castles in order, with patience, skill, and all the knowledge
you've gathered so far.

THE FINAL CASTLE: Here's where the big showdown will take place, but, if
you've trained well, used what Grandpa has taught you in the Learning Trees,
and absorbed the lessons learned along the way, you're already well on the way
to victory!


Game Counseling
There are many ways to solve each of the rooms in this game. Sometimes you
clear a room without using all of your Magic Shots, or without using Power
Options. Sometimes it helps to have someone else take a look at a room - a
fresh pair of eyes can see things you might be overlooking. But if you really
get stuck, you can call our game counselors between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM
Pacific Time at (503) 644-4117. Know what Level and what room you're on, and
be able to describe what you're doing using the correct names of the
characters. If there is no answer at this number, the counselors are probably
busy taking other calls. Wait a few minutes and try again.

Strategy Guide.
A Strategy Guide for The Adventures of Lolo 3 is available from Hal America.
Produced by the people at Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine, this 24-page
guide shows detailed solutions to over 70 of the more difficult rooms in the
game, plus tips for defeating the big Bosses at the end of each round. Send
$4.95 ($5.95 in Canada, U.S. funds only) to Lolo 3 Strategy Guide, Hal
America, 7873 S.W. Cirrus Dr. 25-F, Beaverton, OR 97005. (Please print your
name and address clearly to assure prompt service).

For more information, or to order Hal America games, call us at (503)644-4117.
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