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  • Level 1
In this maze you must find your way through to the other side where the "Boss" is located. To avoid getting lost, continue through to the right (east) side of the maze. Watch out for a vampire along the way. If encounter it, you are on the correct path. Kill it and hover to the right side of the maze. Keep going up until you reach the top. When you go right you will see a skull. You can choose to go in and heal your health to full capacity, but watch out; when you go in further the skull will close. When you are inside, use your lightning blasts and zap the teeth where it is highlighted. Keep doing this until it opens. When you get out, jump until you get to the railings. Press Up and you will climb. Keep doing this until you get to the other side of the railings. Once you get there, you will reach a checkpoint. Continue through and get through the spiders. You will pass a key which will unlock a large number of points later. Climb down the rail and get to the frog face object. You can choose to go through the railings part of the maze or go down. However, be aware when you take the railings part you will run into some ghosts that can do serious damage. Blast them and go through. If you are taking the south part, kill the bat and go down the skull mark. Watch out for a train. If you get hit by it you will go further south and it will also do quite a lot of damage. Continue through the purple demon face with a blue star in its mouth. There you will find a big lightning bolt which will give you 1,000 points. Get the wings icon and fly. Get out of the demon and go back to the railings where the ghosts were earlier. Zap the ghosts on your way through and jump on the ledge floating up and down. Continue your way up and jump to the left rail. If you slip, try again. When you are slipping, press the opposite direction of where you are sliding. Continue and reach the checkpoint. You must jump into the green river and bounce to the lever. When you do so, continue west and get to the other side. Go up and go west from the rails. You will see some forest type background. Watch out for ghosts and spiders. Kill them on your way through. Continue west and jump up the stairs. Go west, kill the spider and ghost, and get the fly icon. Fly east until you get to more ghosts. When you are upstairs, kill the ghost and spider. Kill the three other ghosts. Go through until you reach a mouth with a checkpoint in it. Use the power-ups in front of you to get ready to fight the Boss. Go down and prepare to fight "Googler". He is very difficult and can dodge your thunder blasts. Watch out for the rolling eyeballs and jump. When you need more health or energy, go up the levers and get the power-ups. You can find a shield icon which is very useful when fighting Googler. Continue punching, kicking, or using normal thunder blasts. Some blasts work but require precise timing in order to kill him properly. When he is out of health Ace will say. "Those puppets were a pain Googler, but they're no match for Ace Lightning!".
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  • Level 10 "The Log Ride"
Go to the Shootout part of the gate and enter Anvil will be the Boss. Physical attacks will only work on him. Continue through the maze and fight past monsters and get past Pendulums. Also watch out for Dirty Rat in this level. He can appear anywhere. Continue through the log maze and jump across water logs. Climb up the levers until you get to the final checkpoint where you get power-ups. Jump down the edge and get ready to fight Anvil. Remember that lightning attacks are not effective against him. Dirty Rat will aid Anvil when nearby. After you kill Anvil, Ace will say "Another crushing defeat for you, my friend!" Collect your points and save the game.
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  • Level 11 "The Fun House"
Dirty Rat will be the Boss in this level. Continue through the maze and find the checkpoints. the last will have power-ups next to it. When continuing through the maze you will find mirrors. If you find them you will be on the right path. When you get up the levers, you will find the checkpoint. Get the power-ups and get ready to fight Dirty Rat. As usual, use any attacks against him. After you kill him Ace will say "Hope you loved that as much as I did, Rat!" After that collect your points and save the game.
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  • Level 12 "Finale: The House Of Horror"
Go to the final level on the map and be prepared to fight Lord Fear. When in the level you will find all the monsters that you have fought in all the levels including Bosses. Make sure you have full health when fighting them. After you defeat PigFace there will be a new power-up. Green Lightning. You can only use it for a limited time, so be careful. After you fight him, go back to the bricks. Go up then go west and fight Anvil. After you kill him go east and through the key door. Kill the ghost. You now have Green Lightning. Get down, find your way through the maze, and find checkpoints. Later in the maze you will fight all the Bosses you fought in the previous levels. When fighting Lady Illusion remember that she can dodge your Thunder attacks. When you get outside the house on the east side, fly down and get to the checkpoint. Get ready to fight Lord Fear. Get the power-up near the checkpoint and jump down the ledge. When the fight begins Lord Fear will be playing the organ. When you walk in you will set off his attack. When using your Thunder attacks, Lord Fear will deflect them back at you. Use physical attacks and attack him. Lord Fear also uses his neck and throws bombs at you in addition to use staff heads blasts to attack. After you kill Lord Fear all the mice in the organ will cheer and you will complete the game. Ace will say. "You really didn't expect me to dance to your tune did you, Lord Fear?".
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  • Level 2 "The Tunnel of Love"
Like the last level, this one is very easy to get through. The path is shown and you can get to the Boss in less then an half an hour. When you reach the Boss (Lady Illusion), there will be a new Lightning Knight, "Sparkx", that can join you. She can use her sword and hover to a location you chose. Flying is not a problem for her because she does not need the flying power-up. When fighting you can switch characters, but running straight into them. When you are fighting Lady Illusion she is unaffected by all your thunder attacks. Physical attacks are very effective against her. She can also teleport to another place in the arena. When you are very close to her, she automatically teleports. Physical attacks will be a problem. After fighting her the level points will be given out and you will complete the level. After you save the game and return to the carnival she sometimes pops up and wants to fight you. After you defeat her, she disappears.
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  • Level 3 "The Fortune Teller"
This level is somewhat awkward because it is a big fortune telling tent. When getting through the maze beware of most of the monsters and other things in this level. This may be the most easiest of all the levels so far, but do not be fooled by the setup. When you arrive at a checkpoint you are on the correct path. Keep going until you find a flying icon. Go up and through the pendulum crystal balls. Get through and fly up. Collect the key and go up even further. Fly up and up and go west. Find the checkpoint there and power up. You will find the Boss, "Dirty Rat". He may look small and harmless but beware of his grenades. You can climb up the lever and punch or throw the planets that are set up, or use your lighting blasts on him. He is one of the weakest villains you will encounter. After you defeat him, Ace will say, "Looks like it's back to school for you, Rat!" After you collect your points and save the game, continue out of the gate and find the Shotgun level entry.
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  • Level 4 "Welcome To Adventure Alley"
Continue through the maze and kill all the monsters in your path. Also, watch out for the giant Spike Ball pendulums when you are going through the maze. When you get the green key, find the blue key exit and jump south and west to the other side of the river of mud. When you get far enough, jump across the water lake. Also, be aware of the monsters that are in this level. Continue through the maze and watch out for the giant arrows that stick up. When you are close use the flying icon nearby and fly up. Continue down and watch out for boulders. You will need some speed to get through or you will die. Get through the speed part of the maze and reach the checkpoint. Power up and get ready to fight the Boss. When ready, jump down and fight the Boss, "Pigface" Beware of Pigface because he can use slime and gas attacks which can do quite a lot of damage. After you kill him Ace will say, "Look who's toast now, Pigface!" Afterwards, collect your points and save the game.
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  • Level 5: "The Puppet Theatre"
Continue through the maze and watch out for the monsters. They cannot be killed that easily or at all. Continue and find the checkpoint. Get through the line of monsters repeatedly until you find the checkpoint with the health power up and checkpoint. The Boss will appear, and it is Googler again. Kill him with physical attacks, or if you are lucky enough to hit, use lightning bolts. You can use the puppets hanging above and they will attack Googler for two seconds. Kick or blast the levers in front of you and aim carefully. Activate the puppets and they will do serious damage to him. He will probably be killed quickly. After you defeat him, Ace will say "Googlerized again, Googler!" After that you can collect your points and save the game.
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  • Level 6: "The Wax Works"
Continue through the maze and watch out for monsters (Zombies will explore when you kill them) and Pendulums. There are a lot of Pendulums in this level. Be careful when getting through the maze. Get through the pipes part of the maze and get to the last checkpoint. Jump down when ready and fight the Boss, PigFace. Kill PigFace with your thunder attacks or physical attacks. After you kill him Ace will say "Looks Like you got the menu wrong again, PigFace!" Afterwards, collect your points and save the game. After you exit the level, Anvil will appear. Get ready to fight him. All your thunder attacks will not work on him. You must fight him with physical attacks. Anvil can cause earthquakes and will cause the tires in the arena to chase after you. Kill him and you can unlock the new mini game, "Test Your Strength". After that, go to the gate with a clown on it near the first level gate. Go to the spooky house and start the level.
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  • Level 7 "The Carousel"
You have to fight PigFace again. Continue through the level and watch out for the monsters and Pendulums. When you get to the Flying icons, you are on the correct path. Continue and find the checkpoint. Power up and get ready to fight PigFace. As usual, use lightning or physical attacks against him. They can do damage to him easily. After you kill PigFace Ace will say. "Looks like the menu just got a re-write, Pig Face!" Collect your points and save the game.
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  • Level 8 "The Circus"
This time there s a new Boss, Anvil. Lightning bolts will not work on him. Continue through the maze. You can jump on trampolines. Get to the checkpoints and you will find the Boss. Get the power-ups and continue down the cliff. Once there you find Anvil. Use physical attacks and kill him. Ace will then say, "Smash that, Anvil!" Collect your points and save the game.
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  • Level 9: The Hall Of Mirrors"
Lady Illusion is the Boss of this level. physical attacks will be very effective against her. Continue through the maze and watch out for monsters and Pendulums. When you get to the mirrors, monsters will jump out. After that, crawl through the tunnel. Fight Lady Illusion after you collect your power-ups. Use physical attacks or pull the lever further east. Ball-shaped explosive bombs will come down and roll east. Use them so that she cannot tell who is fighting her. After you kill her Ace will say "The pleasure's all mine, Lady Illusion!" Collect your points and save the game.
Re: Ace Lightning

  • Mini game level "The Shooting Gallery"
Shoot the monsters until the health bar runs out and receive your points. Go to the Wizard Mystical Gate, and go through. The gate will not stop you like other gates. Continue and go to the Cowboy Doors level.
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