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final kaoss

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1. AD5T-AAAE Start with 1 life
2. AX5T-AAAE Start with 5 lives
3. BH5T-AAAE Start with 10 lives
4. ACFA-AACC Infinite lives
5. AGFA-AACG Start with very little energy after 1st life
6. AWFA-AACG Start with 1/2 energy after 1st life
7. A8FA-AACG Start with 3/4 energy after 1st life
8. AF5T-AAAA Start with very little energy on 1st life
9. AV5T-AAAA Start with 1/2 energy on 1st life
10. A75T-AAAA Start with 3/4 energy on 1st life
11. AAVT-AAGT Infinite Special Screams
12. ACWA-CAEG Books worth nothing
13. AAVA-AACA Infinite garbage
14. ACMT-CAGA Garbage worth nothing
15. CWMT-CAGA Garbage worth 20
16. GLMT-CAGA Garbage worth 50
17. NRMT-CAGA Garbage worth 99
18. AANA-CAA0 Bugs aren't worth anything
19. ADBA-AADJ Infinite energy
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