A Ressha de Ikou HX

final kaoss

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Big City Population (30 points)​

Population of the town exceeds 100,000.

Domestic Prominent Enterprise (30 points)​

Sum total of property exceeds 3 trillion.

Growth of Leisure Business (30 points)​

The number of leisure facilities exceeds 20.

Growth of Real Estate Business (40 points)​

Profit on sale with real estate exceeds 2 trillion.

Important Point of Industry (30 points)​

The number of factories exceeds 30.

Large Amount Taxpayer (40 points)​

Tax payment amount exceeds 1 trillion.

Nationwide Conquest (80 points)​

Clear the existing game map entirely.

Started Aeronautical Business (30 points)​

Construct the airport.

Started Harbor Business (10 points)​

Construct the port.

Success of New Station Development Program (30 points)​

The number of stations exceeds 30.

Symptom of Management Success (40 points)​

The interest paid to the bank exceeds 50 billion.

Top Trader (40 points)​

The profit due to buying and selling the stocks exceeds 1 trillion.

Underground Town Propulsion Project Success (30 points)​

The number of underground towns exceeds 100.
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