A description of Items left with the famous Final Fantasy 2 Mega exp/gold code

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By Blue Oyster Cultist

R= Cabin / tent C= Curing items C1,C2,C3= Cure 1, 2 , 3 W= Weapons
A= Armor Aw= Arrows GTM= Green Tiny mage Aw= Arrow N= Ninja stuff

Letters/ numbers                    Monster's name            Items Left with DF30-076E
00				Centaur		R
01				Marion			W/A
02				Epee Girl		R
03				Blade Man 		R
04				Panther		W/C
05				Puppet			C1
06				Glom Wing		C
07				Sword Man		R
08				Warrior		R
09				Vamp Lady		C2
0A				Armadillo		W/A
0B				Fangshell		C
0C				Screamer		Aw
0D				Naga			Aw
0E				HugeNaga		Aw
0F				Ogre			W/A/C
10				Evildoll		C1
11				Archane		        C1
12				BlackCat		C2
13				D. Machine		C1
14				Sorceror		W/A
15				FlameMan		W/A
16				Beamer		         R
17				MadOgre		       W/A/C
18				Plague			N/A
19				G.Bat
1A				Last arm		C1
1B				Balloon		C1
1C				Grenade		C1
1D				HugeCell		C1-2
1E				Tarantula		C
1F				Roc			C/R/A
20				BalnabZ
24				Brena
26 				Zemus
27				Ghast
29				Attacker orb
2B				FloatEye
2E				GTM			
2F				Raven				R
40				Cockatrice			C
41				Roc Baby			C
42				General
43				Soul				C1
44				Spirit				C1
45				Hooligan			C1
46				Raven				C2/R/A
47				Skeleton	
48				Pirhana			C1
49				Gargoyle			
4A				Fighter
4B				WaterBug			C
4C				Gator				C2/A
4D				Tricker				C1-2/R
4E				Red Bone
4F				Cannibal			C
50				Crawler			C1-2
51				RockMoth			C
52				DarkTree			C
53				Mantcore			Aw
54				R.Worm			C
55				WereBat			C1-2
56				IceBeast			Aw
57				Red Eye			C
58				TrapDoor		
59				IceLiz				Aw
5A				ToadLady			C
5B				Conjurer			W/A
5C				Witch				W/A/C
5D				Gremlin			C2/C
5E				MoonCell			C
5F				Centipede			C1-2
60				Ironmail			W/A
61				Pink Puff			N/C
62				Yellow D			C
63				Fiend				C/C2
64				Pudding			C
65				Alert				C1
66				Machine			Aw
67				Mind
68				Molbol				C/Aw
69				Green D.			C
6A				Ging Ryu			C1
6B				MacGiant			R/W
6C				Kary				Aw/A
6D				Breath				
6E				Jucloyte			C2
6F				Tofu				C1
70				CaveNaga			Aw
71				ElecFish			C
72				Python				Aw
73				Grudger			Aw
74				Revenant
75				Croc				A/C2
76				Hydra				Aw
77				VampGirl			C2
78				Lamia				W/A
79				D. Bone			C1
7A				Sting Rat			C1
7B				AquaWorm			C/C1
7C				Guard
7D				Ghoul
7E				Mage				C1
7F				Skull
80				Golbez
81				Dr. Lugae 
82				Leviatan
83				Bahamut
84				Cal
85				Belnab
86				Dr. Lugae
87				Calbrena
88				Rubiciant
8A				Odin
8B				K. Elban
8C				Q. Elban
8D				Golbez
8E				EvilWall
8F				Valvalvis
90				Ghost				C1
91				GrayBomb			C1
92				Lilith				R/W
93				Q. Lamia			W/A
94				Tortise			 	W/A/C
95				Chimera				Aw
96				Carapace				W/A
99				Bomb
9A				StoneMan				C2/A
9B				IronBack				W/A
9C				FlameDog				Aw
9D				Medusea				Aw
9E				TinyToad				C
9F				D. Fossil				C1
A1				Defender
A4				Elements
A5				Zemus
A6				Zeromus
A7				Dark Elf
A9				CPU
AB				ZeromusZ
AD				Ashura
AE				Titan
AF				Elements
B0				FatalEye				C
B1				Searcher
B2				Clapper
B3				Pale Dim
B4				RedGiant				W/R
B5				Warlock				C
B6				Wyvern
B7				StaleMan				W/A
B8				Blue D.				C2/N
B9				D. Lunar
BA				King Ryu
BB				Procyote				C2
BC				Ogopogo
BD				EvilMask				C
BE				Red D.					W/A
BF				Horseman				R
C0				MomBomb
C1				Milon Z
C2				Sondy
C3				Cindy
C4				Octomamm
C5				Baigan
C6				RightArm
C7				Antlion
C8				DarkElf
C9				Milon
CA				DarkElf
CB				Left Arm
CC				Kainazzo
CD				Bahemoth				W/A
CE				Mindy
CF				D. Mist
D0				Larva					C1-2
D1				Treant					C
D2				CaveToad				C
D3				EvilShell				C
D4				Eagle					C
D5				SwordRat				C
D6				TinyMage				C/W/A
D7				FloatEye				C
D8				Sandpede				C
D9				Cave Bat				C1-2
DA				Sandworm				C/C1-2
DB				Sand Man				C
DC				SandMoth				C
DD				Imp					C1-2
DE				Zombie
DF				Baslisk					C1
F0				Cream					C1
F1				Weeper
F2				Soldier
F3				Officer
F4				Mad Toad				C
F5				RocLarva				C1-2
F6				Dark Imp
F7				Jelly					C1
F8				Imp Cap.
F9				Waterhag
FA				Slime					C1
FB				BlackLiz				Aw
FC				Turtle					C
FD				Pike					C1
FE				Needler				C1
FF				TrapRose				C		


These are when you fight a Sandworm Fight * instead codes.
All the 3's and E's are GTM's. The ones I don't have are dummied out of the game or are a person
that joins your party that you fight. 
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