A build of Mortal Kombat Gold with a fully PLAYABLE Belokk?

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So I was playing MK Gold last nite for the current DC Live Competition, and I started to think to myself, IS there a build of the game out there somewhere that would have Belokk fully playable?

For those that don't know, Belokk was suppose to be an exclusive, hidden playable character who was going to be brand new to the long running franchise. According to MK Co-creator Ed Boon, the character was scrapped late in development due to time constraints. While this may be true, some believe that there were other motives behind the character being scrapped. The biggest rumor is that of "Midway Games" publisher or MK developer "Midway Chicago" not being all too happy about a character being created for their series by an external development team (Eurocom at the time handled a good portion of MK arcade to home conversion projects including MK4 and MK gold). Considering the series original publisher is now defunct as well as Eurocom going out of business just last year, Is there GDrom out there worth looking into?
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