9/9/09 Dreamcast Charity Marathon

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I am soo sorry that I never got around to joining this site. Anyway I am running a live streaming charity dreamcast marathon. I hope some of you can help me out and maybe play some PSO with me later in the marathon. Anyway here's some more info about the event itself. BTW if anyone lives in the Philly area and wants to participate, PM or email please.


For the Dreamcast's US Launch 10th anniversary, we at GVN are going to hold a 24 hour live stream. We are also going to attempt to raise $5,000 and donate to ASCEND(The Aspergers Syndrome Alliance for Pennsylvania). So Join us for a days worth of fun starting midnight Sept 9, 2009. 9/9/09

Check out ASCEND's website for more Info.

ASCEND Group, Inc

Live stream will be held here:
GVN website

And here:
GVN's Justin account

What most people do not know is that I have Aspergers Syndrom. For many years growing up was difficult because of my odd behavior and social habits. I was easily picked on and ridiculed. My parents made a strong effort to get me the help I needed to control my behavior and improve my social skills. Throughout middleschool and highschool I have counselors who went out of their way to help me to improve myself. In my junior years my counseling came to an abrupt stop as the program was discontinued by the company who ran it. From then on I continued to work and improve myself. It is not 10 years since my high school graduation and I am now a happily married man with a very loving and understanding wife.

The origins of this marathon was just for fun but after watching several Speed Gamer marathons I thought it best to give the Dreamcast marathon more meaning. So I sought out a group that helps those with Aspergers and Autism. That group is ASCEND Group, Inc. I feel it is time for me to help out those who go out of their way to help people with familty members with Aspergers. So pklease join us at GVN on September 9th for what will be a memorable night.
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