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Instruction Manual


The story

After hundreds of years of chaos, mankind has finally emerged from the ruins
of nuclear war. This world of the distant future has once again flourished
under the guidance of the Great King, who harnessed the power of the 8 Eyes
to rebuild the planet.

These strange jewels of power were formed at the eyes, or centers, of the
eight nuclear explosions which nearly destroyed the Earth. In the wrong hands,
the 8 Eyes could cause untold destruction... and now, they have been seized
by the Great King's eight Dukes, in a desperate bid to gain control of the
world for themselves. They have banished the King to the nuclear wastelands,
and already their squabbling threatens to plunge the world into war once

The task of retrieving the 8 Eyes falls to you, Orin the Falconer, the bravest
and mightiest of the King's Guardsmen. With your fighting falcon, Cutrus, you
must penetrate each of the eight Dukes' castles. There you will face the
Dukes' soldiers, and battle strange nuclear mutants such as living skeletons,
giant wasps, and mud men. You must defeat the monstrous Boss of each castle to
retrieve the Jewel of Power he guards.

Then, to complete your quest, return the 8 Eyes to the Altar of Peace to await
the return of the Great King, so that he may finish the rebuilding of Earth.
Your reward will be the eternal gratitude of all mankind!


Controller operating instructions

Controller 1/Controller 2

8 Eyes is a one or two player game. In the one player game, Controller 1 moves
Orin and Cutrus. In the two player game, Controller 1 moves Orin and
Controller 2 moves Cutrus. Get together with a friend to beat the game! (Note:
in a two-player game, you're co-operating on a single score.)

Basic control functions

Control Pad: Press left and right to move left and right. Press up and down to
move up and down stairs.

A Button: Press to jump.

B Button: Press to stab.

Special functions for weapons and Cutrus

1) Control Pad Up + B: Release or recall Cutrus.
2) Control Pad Down + B: Cutrus attack (only if Cutrus is flying).
3) Control Pad Up + A: Use selected weapon (works only if there is enough
"Item" power, and a weapon is selected).

Items 1 and 2 only apply to Controller 1 in a one player game. In a two player
simultaneous game, the Cutrus functions are controlled by Controller 2, while
Orin and his special weapons are controlled by Controller 1.

Note: In a two player game, Cutrus has much more freedom of movement. The
Control Pad of Controller 2 can move Cutrus all over the screen, in addition
to releasing him, recalling him, and causing him to attack.

Starting the game

To select a one or two player game, press the Control Pad left or right. To
choose between Initiate or Continue, press the Select button. To start the
game, press the Start button.

If Continues is selected before the game is started, the password entry screen
appears. To enter the password, press the Control Pad up or down to change the
letter, and press the Control Pad left or right to change the position. After
entering the password correctly, press the Start button to begin playing where
you left off. After the game is played, selecting Continue brings you to the
Level Selection Screen, with any completed levels being unselectable.

Selecting a level

After starting the game, press the A or B button to select which of the first
seven levels you want to begin with. When Cutrus is over the level you want,
press the Start button to start playing, or the Select button to display the
clues found so far.

During game play

Press the Start button to pause, and display collected special weapons; press
the Select button to select a special weapon, either while paused or during


How to play


The first goal in 8 Eyes is to discover the correct order in which to play
the first seven levels. The levels must be played in a certain order because
each Boss Enemy is only vulnerable to one sword. The Bosses can be damaged
with the Special Weapons found in each level, and by attacking them with
Cutrus; but they can only be eliminated with the proper sword. After a level
is completed, the player receives a new sword, which is effective on only one
of the remaining Bosses.

Each Boss holds a jewel. After defeating the Boss, the jewel appears, and when
Orin touches it, the password for this point of the game is displayed.

While in the first seven levels, you must locate the seven scrolls of jewel
placement. These contain hints which are used to place the eight jewels into
the altar which appears after Level 8 is completed. The jewels must be placed
correctly in order to complete the game (maybe!).


This is a one-life game, meaning there is one Orin per game. If you lose the
one Orin, the game is over. No free men are awarded. This is reality!
However, there are many opportunities to gain Life Power during the game.


Throughout the game, you will find closed doors. To open a door, look for a
lever or button somewhere in the room. Hit it, and the door will open for a
short time. Some levels and buttons must be hit with Cutrus.


After destroying some enemies, a red or white cross will appear. Catch the
white cross for Item power, the red cross for Orin or Cutrus power. If Orin
catches the red cross while Cutrus is flying, Orin gets all of the power. If
Cutrus catches the red cross while flying, he gets all of the power. If the
red cross is caught while Cutrus is on Orin's shoulder, the power is split
between them.


Weapon items

When you destroy certain enemies, Weapon Items will appear. Collect the Item
quickly, or it will disappear

Power Ball
Ice Ball
Molotov Cocktail

Power-up items

These items are hidden in each level. Use your sword, Cutrus, or the boomerang
to find the items hidden in the walls. The items can be collected by Orin or
Cutrus; but when collecting Life Power items, whoever touches the Item
receives the extra power.

Blue Jar: Increases power meters by one section.
C Jar: Increases Cutrus' power to full, or Orin's power by about one-half.
Z Jar: Doubles sword power for a limited time.
G Jar: Makes Orin invincible for a limited time.
S Jar: Fully revives either Orin or Cutrus.


Hints and strategies

- The first seven levels must be finished in the correct order. After
defeating a Boss you are awarded a more powerful sword, but it will only be
effective against one of the remaining bosses. The sword you start with is
weak and only good for a country near France.

- It is important for you to learn which Special Weapon works best against
each Boss. This will make it easier to defeat the Boss.

- Some enemies can only be defeated by Cutrus. Find out who they are, and
stand back while Cutrus does the work. It is very important to learn to use
Cutrus, while you are standing back and while you are fighting. Some of the
tougher enemies can be distracted by Cutrus. Send out Cutrus to attack, and
some enemies will turn their back on you to chase him - a good opportunity
to hit them from behind. Backstabbing is unfair, you say? Well, don't turn
your back on these guys - they're no gentlemen!

- Try to find all of the Blue Jars, so that if you find the S Jar, you will
have more power.

- Make sure you find all of the scrolls, and save the clues - the end is worth
the effort it takes to solve the riddle of the 8 Eyes.


Boss enemies

Arabia Castle
The master of this castle is Ghadie Rashal. He is an expert knife thrower, and
has a very nasty disposition! When you defeat him, you will get a white
Diamond called the Tear of the Nile.

Spain Castle
This castle is ruled by Enriquez Bartona. He is a master of fencing - perhaps
even better than Orin. Your reward for defeating him will be a giant black
pearl called the Black Butterfly of Pereshusu.

India Castle
Here you will face Syfer Nasim. A Yoga master, he has the ability to
transport himself. When you attack him, he may vanish, only to re-appear
behind you - beware! Defeat him and you will get a yellow obsidian known as
the Wing of Angels.

Africa Castle
In this castle, you will encounter the fearsome King Amin, the most powerful
warrior in all of Africa. He wields a giant axe, which he may throw at you
when you least expect it. The jewel that you must wrest from him is an orange
topaz called the Devil of Zimbabwe.

Germany Castle
The master of this castle is the handsome but deadly Walter Schmitt. Don't let
his gentle appearance fool you - he is a cruel madman who will smile when he
destroys you! He uses a giant throwing star. When you defeat him, you will get
a purple amethyst, the fabled Fairy of Granada.

Italy Castle
Here you will face Geno Comechio, who throw razor-sharp steel cards with
deadly accuracy. If you succeed in overcoming him, your prize will be a green
emerald known as the Dancing Princess of Frenellia.

Egypt Castle
This castle is ruled by Nari Tanatos. He is an evil sorceror who throws white
power balls from his staff. Beware of his leaping ability - he can jump right
over your head! Defeat him and you will get a big red ruby called the Blood
of Tutankhamen.

Castle of Ruth
Here you will meet the lovely but lethal Ruth Grandier, whose cruel bullwhip
seems to have a life of its own. The speed and ferocity of her attack will
astound you! The jewel that she guards is a glittering blue diamond called the
Nail of Nightmares.


Other enemies

Scimitar Sam
Sir Slice
Jack Knife
Hot Head
Big Buzz
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