6.30 OFW I am stuck...


I am kinda new to this so please bear with me.I bought a PSP last month, 3004 6.30
I am thinking of upgrading to 6.35 and installing CFW 6.35 PRO-B4 (using this video tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aL7g2su64A or the tutorial on our forum http://forums.dashhacks.com/f133/tutorial-installing-6-35-pro-b2-t272834/)

However I am stuck ~ the video/tutorial don't perma-patch right?
So basically,I will install the 6.35 PRO-B4 which is temporary (and has the Fast Recovery file) then go through those steps for permanent? (of course without the uninstall step)

:blush: Thank you in advance for the help and sorry for being so dumb...
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