6.20 Psn Psx games on 5.50 Gen-D4


I have a PSP 1001 with 6.20 OFW and bought FF9 , my favorite game the day it was released. I have 150+ hours in my save game! Plus a speedrun, and a perfect save, and a level one game. I used to TN-C hack and downgraded my PSP to 5.03 and then upgraded to 5.50 OFW. I then used ChickHen R2 , and installed 5.50 Gen- D3 on my PSP. I love this CFW btw anyway, my problem is that when I start FF9 , my PSP says "The game cannot be started (CA 00005) I looked it up, and it is a KEYS.BIN error. I never had this file, and it worked before. So, I downloaded a KEYS.BIN file, and now I get an error that says " The game cannot be started ( 80020148) I looked it up, and it means unsupported PRX type. I am stuck here... I cannot fix it D; I have so much time on this game! and dont whanna restart. Can someone please help me? I really whant FF9 back! PSP 1001 5.50 Gen-D3 promothesus add-on

btw I redownloaded the game and still nothing :(

is it possible to maybe patch it? i cant extract the isos to recompile it either.

can someone please help? i literally tried almost everything except new cfw help please!
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