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Many DC games support 4 players, but these days, how often are you able to have 4 friends together, and get them to play DC? Sometimes doing 4 player mode is great fun, but other times it can be significantly less fun than doing 1 or 2 players.

I was inspired to create this thread because I saw on another forum that no one there had ever played Gigawing 2 with 4 individual players, and people didn't know what it was like. Then I saw a post here wondering about what 4 player Gauntlet Legends is like.

So here's what I've played 4 player before. Most of this was back in the day, 2000-2005. Post 2005, I've only played Propeller Arena, Gigawing 2, and Worms, once each, as 3 or 4 player games.

-Sonic Shuffle: vastly improved the experience, but it is a party game so that is understandable

-Powerstone 2: greatly improved the experience to have each of the 4 characters controlled by a human rather than the somewhat predictable computer AI. People started employing strategies, such as camping on a platform, or running away from the player - strategies that the cpu never ever does

-Marvel Vs Capcom: this is a 4 player tag team mode, making a team of 2 on 2 with friends was good for rivalries and trash talking. An enjoyable experience.

-Gigawing 2: While I think it is awesome that this game has a 4 player mode, since this is a bullet hell title, it is better in theory than in execution. At least with my unskilled friends, mega bombs go off every few seconds, people die all the time, and its complete and utter chaos which is unfortunately not so fun as you can't really tell what's going on. This pushes gameplay and strategy out the window, which is where the fun is as far as I'm concerned. The unlimited continues entails that we only play through the game once or twice, as my friends can die continuously and not have any adverse consequences for it, which means they don't have any incentive to learn a strategy, or play the game differently.

-Outtrigger: As with a lot of FPSs, this is much better with human controlled opponents, but be prepared for your friends to complain bitterly about the control schemes

-Chu Chu Rocket: Much more fun with human controlled opponents. Something about playing it against humans raises the tension factor as you compete for and steal each others mice.

-DOA2: Excellent game with 4 players. My friends and I spent a lot of time on this before DOA3 came out. It's a tag match like MVC, but as a fluid 3d game, at the time it was more fun and easier to convince my friends to play

-Armada: I played this in 4 player mode, but my friends couldn't get into it and we probably played for a grand total of an hour. Since they didn't enjoy it, it wasn't a fun experience. The additional players didn't affect the gameplay, and since its a cooperative rather than versus game, there was no fun competitive spirit or trash talking going on. There was also little strategy to be employed, as the gameplay is fairly cut and dry, "guard a convoy" and shoot the aliens, and the graphics, while not bad, don't impress

-Gauntlet Legends: Played it with 4 players, and that is the best way to play it. It does get extremely chaotic, and like Gigawing, it gets hard to understand what is going on in the game, but 4 players makes it much easier to get through the levels, and with the way the levels are set up, you do start to feel like you are cooperatively going through an adventure with your friends.

-Propeller Arena: I've only played this as 3 player. There are always computer opponents in the match as well, which detracts from the fun a little bit. It's good as a multiplayer title, like it was designed, but probably wouldn't be a game you would play with your friends very long before you or they get bored of the gameplay

-Worms World Party: Excellent with 3 or 4 players. The strategy and anticipation of your opponent's next move is really amped up when there are human opponents

4 player games I own, but have not been able to play 4 player yet:
-Aerowings 1
-Test Drive Le Mans
-Project Justice
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