3 DREAMCAST's inside & out, do YOU have an rev 0?.

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3 DREAMCAST's inside & out, do YOU have an rev 0?. - YouTube

ATTENTION PAL / UK Console owners! This video refers mainly to US / NTSC & JAP / NTSC Dreamcast consoles. The manufacture, distribution and revisions for PAL units was much different in UK and other PAL regions. From what I was able to find, there were no PAL consoles branded under rev 0. BUT some people have claimed
to be in possession of even rev 1 Dreamcasts (PAL) that do in fact have the metal fan / heatpipes cooling system. As such I cannot offer any claim or evidence either way, simply check your own console and see!

I was curious after reading a post by daytonausa on a couple forums if
I to had a Rev0 DREAMCAST. These are the first run of Dreamcast that had
metal fans / heat-sink and metal cooling pipes! These are made of sturdier
more dependable components as they run cooler and have better quality
Japanese GD rom drives.

I am by NO MEANS and expert in such matters and am simply relaying info I
recently acquired in forum posts and Googling, further details and verified info are solely up to YOU to track down. Hope you like this video, feel free to comment, correct, rate, favorite or do a video response!

Relevant links and better detailed info with descriptions and pictures!
posted by datonausa
Error | ASSEMbler - Home of the obscure

Month of Dreamcast Rev0s - Blind Luck - Classic Gaming General - AtariAge Forums

CLEAR PICTURE of the full pipe and heat-sink assembly I could not show you

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