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3-D Battles of World Runner

Nes instruction manual for 3-D Battles of World Runner

3-D Battles of World Runner [NES-WO-USA]

Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.

The eight worlds of Solar System #517 are no longer answering communi-
cations. You are World Runner, a cybernetically-enhanced human being
who can run miles at an incredible speed without tiring. The galactic
council of sentient races has sent you to the first planet of #517 to
find out what has happened.

Right away you discover that all eight planets of the solar system have
been invaded by the Serpent Beasts and their minions, ruled by the
galactic criminal Drax. Your mission is now clear. Run through all
eight worlds, destroying Drax's minions along the way, until you meet
Draw himself. Fortunately your unique ability has manifested itself
into a world jumping power.

For a new experience put on a pair of 3-D glasses and press SELECT
during play. Now all the objects will come at you in 3-D form.


Steer your fast running World Runner with the Control Pad. Slow down by
pulling back on the Control Pad and speed up by pressing forward. Jump
with Button A. To jump really high press Button A and pressing forward
on the Control Pad. When you get a missile, fire by pressing Button B.
Pause the game with START.

At the start of the game you'll want to bump into the tall columns so
they'll drop objects on you. Catch them and you'll be improved.

The missile gives you unlimited firepower until you bump into a menacing
enemy. The bottle is a power potion making you invincible while your
hair stays red. The atomic symbol makes you invulnerable as long as you
are flashing. The big heart gives you an extra life! Stars are for
bonus points. The balloon will warp you to a bonus level with no
enemies and lots of stars to pick up. The springy alien with the bug
eyes will make you jump higher than before. The flower is a better
version of the springy alien. BUT MUSHROOMS ARE POISON!

You must finish the four parts of each world within a time limit (the
thermometer above the line that tells you your locations). When there
are no units left on the thermometer you die. Get the stopwatch to give
you more time.

At the end of each world, Serpent Beasts await to do battle with you.
Be sure you have the firepower to deal with them.

To continue from the beginning of the last world you completed hold down
Button A and press START after you die.
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