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When swiping in any direction, the entire level moves. Try to match as many squares as possible with each swipe and maximize the empty spaces. The more empty spaces, the easier it becomes to match more. Empty moves are those that result in no matches. Reduce these as much as possible because each move you make places an extra tile randomly on the level. Balance your growth and do not have one huge number and many small ones. Try to have about two of the highest level numbers at all times ready to be matched, followed by increasingly smaller amounts also in pairs and ready to be matched. If you get a single number to very high values, the level might fill before you get a new one to match it with. Focus on matching the small numbers (2s and 4s) that you get for awhile. Do not allow them to accumulate space on the level. While matching and mixing the small titles, you will be creating bigger matches. Swipe the level right, left and down only to build a nice base of tiles at the bottom. Then make a few moves and get some chains after swiping up to get very high numbers. Then, use those three directions again and repeat the process. This reduce where new tiles will appear and makes them easier to use.

Various Objectives​

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding objective.

ObjectiveHow to unlock
10000 pointsGet a score of 10,000 points.
100000 pointsGet a score of 100,000 points.
1024 squareGet your first 1024 square.
1024 StarComplete 1024 mode.
128 squareGet your first 128 square.
150000 pointsGet a score of 150,000 points.
16384 squareGet your first 16384 square.
200000 pointsGet a score of 200,000 points.
2048 squareGet your first 2048 square.
2048 StarComplete 2048 mode.
250000 pointsGet a score of 250,000 points.
256 squareGet your first 256 square.
4096 squareGet your first 4096 square.
4096 StarComplete 4096 mode.
5000 pointsGet a score of 5,000 points.
50000 pointsGet a score of 50,000 points.
512 squareGet your first 512 square.
64 squareGet your first 64 square.
8192 squareGet your first 8192 square.
All starsComplete 1024, 2048 and 4096 modes.
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