2 questions aboutbatteries; both are 3600mAh


Okay, so awhile ago I ordered one of these:

I read the reviews and it seemed to get high praises, so I went ahead and bought one. It was cheaper than the one Datel offers, the X2, which goes for like $55. And, it did work for awhile just fine but today, which makes it the 3rd or 4th day of usage, my PSP just shut off on me in the middle of playing Ridge Racer 2 (unless a bad ISO causes something to fuck a battery up, which I doubt...) . Wouldn't boot back on or anything. So, I come home, plug the charger in and the battery charging icon keeps appearing and disappearing. Battery Status didn't even acknowledged that it was charged. So, made me believe the battery is now fucked. Even the orange light would come on to show it's charging, however, after awhile the light would disappear. I've seen this happen before on another PSP and its stock battery and I knew that battery was fucked.

So, is that extended battery I ordered any good or do others here know about it being junk?

Second question. :)
I also bought a Pandora's Battery from these people, and it came in today:

Now, this battery is also 3600mAh. I charged it up fully, and sure enough it says "Time Left: 7:00". Just like the big fat one. And...I do believe I can use this battery (My memory stick is an MMS as well) as a normal one, correct? Or, are these cheap Chinese-Surprise batteries not something I want to risk my PSP with?

Any info about this would be great. :)

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