1080 Snowboarding Cheat Codes (for N64)

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Crystal boarder
Win race mode on the expert difficulty level and finish better than all the EAD scores on the time attack and trick attack modes. Then, select Akari Hayami, hold C-Left, and press A at his statistics screen.

Gold boarder
Enable the "Transparent character" and complete "Match Race" on the expert difficulty level with that character. Then, select Kensuke Kimachi, hold C-Up, and press A at his statistics screen.

Panda boarder
Finish "Match Race" on the expert difficulty level and finish better than all the EAD scores on the time attack, trick attack and contest modes. Then, select Rob Haywood, hold C-Right, and press A at his statistics screen. Note: The Panda can perform several unique moves that are listed under the "Trick List" option under training mode.

Dragon Cave course
Select "Match race", and complete all courses on hard mode.

Deadly Fall course
Select "Mach Race", and complete all courses on expert mode.

Penguin snowboard
Complete all twenty-four training mode tricks. Then at the snowboard selection screen, highlight any character's default board, hold C-Down, and press A. Note: The penguin board may also be used with the crystal, gold and panda snowboarders.

Unlock tricks easily
Select the "Training" option from the main menu. Select any rider and board, and choose an easy trick from the list. Launch from the jump or from the side of the half pipe and execute the trick. Then, quickly press Right-C(2) while in mid-air. The trick list should re-appear. Select a trick that has not been unlocked, then resume and land successfully with the easy trick. The more difficult trick should now be unlocked from the list.
Re: 1080 Snowboarding

Turbo start
Press Up as soon as the number 1 begins to disappears at the start of race screen.

Ghost playback during demo
Complete any course under time attack mode and save the ghost. Then, return to the demonstration screen with Kensuke Kimachi. The demonstration will continue after he crosses the finish line with the saved ghost run.

Control title screen view
At the title screen, press C-Up to adjust the view.

Remixed replay music
Press the Analog-stick during a replay to add rap style scratches to the music.

Go past the finish line
Select match race with any character, any board, and any course. Make your way to the finish line, then press Start and go to retire before crossing the line. Your character will be able to continue snowboarding. This looks the best on Deadly Falls because your snowboarder will fall off a cliff.

Panda boarder tricks
Back flip
Press R + Analog-stick Down when in the air. Panda will perform a back flip in the air that is worth 100 points. This move can also be performed closer to the ground.
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