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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition you need the Dragonborn DLC to do this version of the glitch. To obtain the power "Secret of Arcana", you have to do the quest "Filament and Filigree", which can be found when mining an excavation site for Ralis on Solstheim. Telekinesis is the spell that is used, and can be purchased when you are level 50 in alteration from the college of Winterhold, or can be found in Labrynthian. Basically just activate the power, hold something, and while keeping the triggers/mouse held down, fast travel to a location far away to give enough time for your alteration to get to 100. You will know if you did this correctly if your level bar is full when you begin fast traveling. Then wait 24 hours to use your power again and make your alteration skill legendary and you're good to repeat!
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