007 Legends & Goldeneye Reloaded (God Mode)

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by sentinel71
Just something I'd like to share to coincide with the new Bond movie Special thanks to MysterE for the float value hints and tips.

Infinite health:
First you'll need a save that's at the VERY START of the mission (also it should be played at certain difficulty setting: For Goldeneye it should be 007 Classic. For 007 Legends you need to have chosen "Classic" health system). Open GG advanced mode (for 007 Legends, you'll need to use the second DAT source)

Now type 0x42c80000 in the search box and hit search.

Just change 42c80000 to 4ad59f80 (that's 7 million HP!!!)

Infinite clip, no reload and Weapon replacement:
You'll see just below your Health is the weapon name and clip amount. It's easy to search since it comes right after 613000:

Red boxes are the weapon name, Green are the amount in your clip. For example, here, my Silenced p99 (0B in hex) has 16 clip amount (0010 in hex). Just replace those values in the green boxes with 270f. Now you have infinite ammo and you'll never have to reload again.
NOTE: You'll see above the P99 pistol (613000 28 0000) is actually an empty weapon slot which means you can replace the name in the red box with any weapon of your choice, then type 270f in the green box for it to have infinite ammo. Here is a list of weapon names and their hex values that I've identified so far:
0B = P99 silenced
07 = P99
0A = AK-47
A5 = Bennetti ARV
93 = Faroh M55
0D = Sigmus 9
2C = Stauger UA-1
3E = Strata SV-400
30 = PT-9 Interdictus
2F = Drumhead Type-12
31 = Masterton M-557
7F = Moonraker Laser
Just make sure the weapon you're adding is available within the mission, or you'll get funny results. I tried adding the moonraker laser in the License to Kill level and got an invisible weapon that can't fire LOL!
Anyway, enjoy

EDIT: There are some missions where you start with lesser Health (The fort Knox mission, Blofeld's lair Raid) Just try to look for the 01 42 xx xx xx value that comes before the first 61 30 00 before the weapons name and clip size.
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