“Cache issue” causes Xiaomi cameras to show other people’s camera feeds

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    Xiaomi's two home security cameras.

Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi has shut down the Google Home Hub integration of its security cameras after a cache issue caused some of Xiaomi's camera streams to go to the wrong people. The bug was first reported by Reddit user Dio-V, with a post titled "When I load the Xiaomi camera in my Google home hub I get stills from other people's homes!!"
Dio-V posted a video showing that pressing the "camera" button on a Google Home paired with a Xiaomi camera would, after a long wait, show a corrupted, distorted image. Dio-V says this feed isn't from one of their cameras. The user also posted several stills from other random camera feeds that would pop up on his smart display.
After the reddit post, the story was picked up by Android Police, and Google quickly shut down the integration. Google told the site: "We’re aware of the issue and are in contact with Xiaomi to work on a fix. In the meantime, we’re disabling Xiaomi integrations on our devices."

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