Yö (English: night) is a Finnish rock band, formed in 1981 in Pori, Finland.
The band has had many line-up changes during their history, and almost 20 different musicians play or have played with the band. Yö's first line-up included singer Olli Lindholm and composer, singer and keyboardist Jussi Hakulinen, guitarist Jani Viitanen, bassist Juha Rauäng and drummer Harri Varhala. Since the late 1980s band has been more or less based in Tampere.
Yö's biggest hits include songs like Joutsenlaulu (Swansong), Likaiset legendat (Dirty Legends), Ihmisen poika (Son of a Human), Rakkaus on lumivalkoinen (Love is Snow-White), Särkynyt enkeli (Broken Angel), and Tia-Maria (a Finnish woman's name). The group started with punk rock influenced music but has later moved towards mainstream rock. Yö is Finland's 10th best-selling music artist of all time with two multi-platinum, two double-platinum, six platinum and five gold records.After singer and bands leader Olli Lindholm's sudden death in February 2019 it is very much doubtful whether the band will continue playing.

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