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    Xexyz Game Genie Codes (for NES)

    Xexyz OTNGGYSV Immune to enemy bullets OTNGGTSV Immune to monsters PAUZTZLA Start with 1 life TAUZTZLA Start with 6 lives PAUZTZLE Start with 9 lives SZEXTKVK Infinite lives PAUXLILA 1 life after continue...
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    Xexyz Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Go to the last level When you get to the first wall of the game hold down for 2 sec. and jump. You will go to the last level.
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    Xexyz Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Xexyz Typed out by [email protected] NES-KO-USA Xexyz Hudson group - Hudson Soft(r) --- The game story In the year 2777, the earth existed in a totally different atmosphere. Due to nuclear wars and natural disasters, the population decreased dramatically and only five small islands...
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