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    What is wrong with my Memory Stick

    I connect my PSP on my desktop and I open my Virtual Machine then captured the USB port, but I got an error, so I disconnect my PSP to my computer but when I try to use my PSP, it said that "There is no Memory Stick Inserted", and even I connect again to my desktop, it says that "Insert Disc"...
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    Something went wrong... (didn't brick.. just nothing happens) help?

    Hey guys, I created my MMS and I have a Pandora's battery I purchased. I placed my MMS in, and then my pandora's, it didn't auto boot with Despertar Cementerio. It loaded my Normal XMB. Any suggestions appreciated, Thanks.
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    What am I doing wrong?

    I've got my PSPGo running on cfw 6.39 PRO-B9, and I can't get any of the plugins to work. I've followed all of the steps exactly as in all of the tutorials, but my plugins just aren't working. I'm trying to get any of the mp3player plugins and the hold.prx plugin to work, and neither one are...
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    Wrong post

    Hi! Can someone please erase this?
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