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    Bad Word Inside Your Dreamcast(?)

    Hello, Dreamcasters! I realize that you've played your Dreamcast, but have you ever considered opening it up? Well, I did. Multiple times. Okay, it seems weird, but it's actually quite interesting to see what this little box of joy is made up of. Especially when you find stuff like this. It may...
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    Zig Zag Word

    Answers Level Answer 1 Psy 2 Paris 3 Disney 4 London 5 Batman 6 Facebook 7 Pisa 8 Ladygaga 9 Nike 10 Cars 11 Harrypotter 12 Kanye 13 Skype 14 India 15 Lilwayne 16 BMW 17 Flappy 18 Shrek 19 Wikipedia 20 Ted 21 Bangtheory 22...
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    VIDEO: CVG, Gamespot and VG247 give the final word on E3

    Trio of editors look back on the Los Angeles event. With the relevance of E3 dividing opinion and the this year's event being generally considered an overall disappointment, editors from three different publications come together to weigh in on the debate. Click here to read the full...
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    David Jaffe 'couldn't care less about next-gen', uses the word 'f***'

    Potty-mouthed God of War creator bemoans budget increase. Outspoken God of War creator, David Jaffe has said he "couldn't care less" about the prospect of next-generation game consoles. Click here to read the full article More...
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