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    Playing PS1 games w/o updating?

    Hi all! Newbie here. Just bought a PSP 1001 with hopes of modding in the future. For now, I wanted to play some of my PS1 games that I purchased from the PSN. I've done enough research to know that I should avoid updating my firmware (currently sitting at 4.05) but without updating I'm unable...
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    Playing UMD w/o updating to 6.35

    Hi all! I was trying to play Tactics Ogre without updating to OFM 6.35. I downloaded and installed Prometheus 4 but the game is still asking for me to update. Am I missing something? Thanks for your time! :D FYI, I was running CFW 5.50 Gen D3.
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    Multiboot w/o pandora battery?

    Can it be possible for a PSP 3001 to have BOTH CFW 5.03 and 6.20?
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