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    weirdest games you played!

    i would say probably the weirdest game i ever played was 'prismaticallization'. It wasnt in english and i never really figured out how to get past all the talking in the game. probably second weirdest game was 'Ill bleed'. freaky game, never finished it but ill get back around to it. I also...
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    The weirdest Genesis game I've ever seen.

    I have no words to describe this game. Well, someone farts whenever you select something from the menus. That's a thing. Play Pringles Game for sega genesis online | SSega Play Retro Sega Genesis / Mega drive video games online in your browser.
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    Weirdest freezing problem ever.

    Hi, My psp is rather old and has been through a lot of shit, I have opened and closed it a dozen of times. Now when I screw the screws near analog/ms shut then after opening any applications, psp freezes at the psp logo(the ms led blinks a couple of times and just stops). When...
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    the weirdest problem i could imagine ,,, plz help

    i connected my psp via data cable to a friends psp, since then i m ahving this problem , that on connection , the computer shows removable drive and when i open it, well it no more gives the usual psp seplugins video music etc folders , instead it opens codepage dic front vsh and my...
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