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    Wanna play Sonic Adventure.

    Hi there, first time posting. So I've been trying to download a Dreamcast emu to play Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, but it seems a bit tricky to manage all these programs, whereas I've no problem when handling Sega CD games on Kega Fusion. Few days ago, I downloaded a cheesy Sonic...
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    wanna play online, psp 2000 and 5.03 prome-3

    not sure what to do here, should i update the cfw? does psn lover works? trying to get on phantasy star protable 2 online btw
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    My SNES9x doesn't wanna exit at all...

    Hello, i just recently added snes9x euphoria R2, on my psp 3000 model, the emulator itself runs fine & perfect & all really happy with it, but heres my main problem, every time i wanted to exit out the emulator itself, it just ended up saying: "Exiting, Please wait..." for like 20 minutes & i'm...
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